There’s nothing that makes me cringe more than “Yoga Porn” – you know what I’m talking about. The image of a young 20-something with long pretty hair in a loose, yet perfectly tied braid, leggings that pass the heel of the foot to look like legwarmers, and a very loose, off the shoulder top in a really bendy, arm balanced yoga pose on a fallen tree over high waterfall in the middle of Costa Rica somewhere. The one real people look at and think “I’m not flexible, I can’t do yoga.”

But here’s something that makes my heart SING! Real women, in real bodies, with the courage to stand up (or go upside down) and say “I got this!” About going past other people’s expectations of what she can or cannot do, and doing it with such grace, beauty, and power. This, to me, is yoga! It’s not about the pose, it’s not about the look, it’s about why you do what you do and how you feel doing it.

I’d prefer another title for this post, but the sentiment and encouragement just lightens up my day – thank you! Oh, and a shout out to the beautiful Dianne Bondy for the appearance in this one. We never met, but I know there’s a soul connection and you always make me smile!

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