Happy celebration of Light to you, my love!

I’m sitting at home listening to the all Christmas music radio station while munching on Christmas chocolate and scratching the last of my lottery tickets. And while all this is happening, I’m thinking of YOU. It’s true! I know I haven’t been much of a communicator lately, but I do think of you fondly.

First off, thank you for your Love and support this year. It truly means a lot. And although 2016 didn’t turn out as I had planned going into it nearly 359 days ago, it turned out exactly as it needed to be. Many major lessons learned this year in order for me to be who I need to be to do Love’s work, and the illumination continues.

As I sit here doing my thing, I’m also sending and receiving Love greetings through text/Facebook/Instagram/email from people all over the planet. So many people celebrating Light this season … but they’re doing it in different ways. For me, it’s more evidence of what I’ve learned during my study of A Course In Miracles: “only Love is real”, and “it’s not about form, it’s about content.”

2016, in numerology, is a 9 year. The number 9 representing the end of a cycle. After 9 comes 10, which in numerology becomes 1 and 1 represents the beginning of a new cycle. It’s interesting that people around the world are celebrating both Christmas and the beginning of Chanukah at the same time. In as far as I can remember (and trust me, it’s not that far), I don’t think I’ve ever seen the two celebrated at the same time.

Both traditions, at their fundamental level, celebrate the miracle of Light; Christmas with the birth of Christ, representing the Divine Light within us all, and Chanukah with the lighting of the menorah, symbolic of the oil that lasted for 8 days when the supply was only for 1. And when we think of what this light is, it’s the peace within our hearts. It is Love.

I don’t think it’s any coincidence that at the end of this 9 year cycle when the world seems to be in need of so much Love, the miracle of both traditions has brought us together as one, just as we approach the dawn of a 1 year. I think this coming together now is God’s way of telling us it’s time for us to come together as one, bringing all our rays of Light together to shine brightly for humanity.

May we all see the importance of coming together as one this holiday and may it carry into the new year and beyond.

From the entirety of my heart to yours, I wish you a wonderful celebration of Love and a year full of miracles.

Paul xo