Happy Victoria Day, hunnies! The kick off to the summer season in Canada – can you believe it? I spent my weekend connecting with the earth by preparing a small patch of earth in my backyard to make way for my new Vegetable and Lavender Garden. I can now add “farmer” to my resume!

How was last week for you? Personally, it was interesting to say the least – did the Full Moon play with you a bit? Yeesh … good thing that’s over. We have an overlap of some of those energies coming this week, but of course there’s always something to celebrate! Let’s take a look …

Jumping Card – Ace Of Gabriel
I love when we get jumping cards – the week’s theme is passion and creativity with a focus on personal growth. A lot of decisions are made around this topic, so make sure you stay true to yourself and keep your arms wide open this week!


IMG_0066Monday/Tuesday – 2 – The High Priestess, Archangel Haniel
Our weekend card from our last reading – there will be an overlap of the moon energy from last week, so stay grounded and just go with it. It’s a time for stillness and peace, so try not to force things forward these next few days. This emotional time will bring huge insights to your future, so be open and aware of your feelings. Avoidance and denial won’t help with evolution and will only make it worse down the road. Study and reflect on your emotions regarding your personal growth right and and see what you discover about yourself.

Wednesday/Thursday – Three of Raphael
It’s time to make an announcement public! There’s been a long period of hard work and it’s ready to come out of the closet and be shared with the world. I’m sensing a very social vibe for these two days, so embrace this joyful time and celebrate your news with the loving and supportive people in your life.

Friday-Sunday – Nine of Michael
Now that the secret is out, doubt may try to poke it’s head into the situation, causing worry and fear. This is all unnecessary! If the decision was made from love, it can’t go wrong. The angels are encouraging you to release all lower emotions, thoughts, and feelings over to them – they will transmute them into love and send them into the universe. Also consider asking the angels for help with all the small details and to help you with getting a good night’s sleep.

Try to spend a little time outside this week and be sure to drink plenty of water to help flush out all the energies that don’t serve us. Remember, you are here to serve your life purpose – stay focused on that!

Sunshine and hugs,
Paul xx

You are deeply loved, my dear. If you are interested in having your own personal Angel Forecast, email angels@paulgalloro.com.