How are you doing, my loves? Mercury went retrograde on Saturday, but I know I’ve been feeling it for about a week now – how’s it treating you? There’s a lot of “new” energy floating around this week – new adventures, new emotions, renewal of current relationships … let’s see what this all means and how the angels are here to help us through it.


Monday/Tuesday – Page of Michael
We begin our week with yet another reminder from our angels of our exciting new adventure. We need to ensure we’ve covered our bases and are very thorough with our plans. Have you mapped out what your plan is? Do you have an idea of where you want to go, or what you’d like to accomplish on this adventure? Make sure to be thorough with your intentions – you have what it takes to be successful and having a focal point will guarantee this sucess!

Wednesday/Thursday – Page of Raphael
A lot of “new” coming up, and this is fantastic! Our new adventure is bringing up a lot of emotions, whether they’re brand new or a renewal within our current situations. New love interest, or a new element in our current relationship? A new job, or a renewed passion for our current one? Remain openhearted, loving, and gentle during this time and listen to your intuition.

Friday-Sunday – Five of Raphael
With mercury in retrograde, there’s bound to be a change in plans – the angels remind us “Everything happens for a reason.” Let go of any lower energies and emotions (guilt, fear, anger, etc) and welcome the changes with open arms – there’s always an opportunity for joy. Find it!

Remember to take time this week to care for yourself and stay grounded during retrograde. I’m available for personal readings when you’re ready to hear what your angels have to say to you in your specific situation. Email me at to set up a reading. Until next week, remember …

You are loved,
Paul xx