Good Monday, my darlings! I hope you had a chance to enjoy the sun this past weekend. I just got back from Saskatoon on Sunday morning and went straight to my backyard to work on my garden … isn’t she beautiful? Today I’ll be planting an assortment of vegetables and a lavender plant – can’t wait!

Let’s talk about this week – the angels have been repeating some messages … are you listening?


Monday/Tuesday – Queen of Raphael
The angels are guiding us to stay close to home at the beginning of the week. It’s time to ground ourselves and spend some time in our homes or with our families to be able to settle in and connect to our hearts. When we can connect with our heart, we’ll be able to really hear our intuition, which will guide us and give us the answers we’ve been looking for.

Wednesday/Thursday – 16 – Change Your Life, Archangel Chamuel
If you have recently left or changed jobs or got a promotion, had a change in relationship status, or moved into a new home, there is a sense of freedom you’ve been longing for for a while – now is the time to enjoy it (as you’ll see confirmed with our weekend card.) If you’re feeling stuck in a certain place and are in need of a change, the angels are guiding you to quit procrastinating and make it happen already! Talk to Archangel Chamuel as he has a very high point of view and can see opportunities that you may be missing. Simply say “Archangel Chamuel, thank you for helping me make a decision on <decision in question> and thank you for helping me see any opportunities that I may be missing.” Then get out of your way and let him do his work.

Friday-Sunday – Four of Gabriel
This card is perfect for this weekend – it’s time to celebrate! If you’ve already made the change, just sit back and enjoy for the next little while – you earned it! If you’re on the fence, let go of “burdensome situations” and move forward with ease. The angels are guiding you to drop those heavy stressors so you can live life in the flow.

This weekend, mercury goes retrograde from June 7 to July 1. This time around, the planets have set things up for us so we can just sit back and enjoy the last few months of our hard work – a retrograde period is not a time to push forward, or try anything new, so slow down and take inventory of everything. If you recently made some life changes, use the next few weeks to adjust into these changes and plan a few things (without starting anything huge just yet). If you’re looking to make changes, this is the time for you to take inventory of your life and shift things around so you can make the changes once mercury goes direct next month. For tips on how to survive a mercury retorgrade period, click here.

Enjoy your week, sweethearts!

You are loved,
Paul x

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