The summer solstice is here on Saturday! An eventful week leading up to this momentous occasion … let’s take a look at what this week has to offer.


This reading began with a jumping card (love these!) which brings us the theme for the week, and what a magical week we’ll have! #7, The Chariot is our card. We have Archangel Metatron pictured here riding his chariot pulled by two unicorns, one white, one black. There’s a leap forward coming our way – we’ll experience some sort of recognition his week and should feel proud of our accomplishments.



Angel pics June16.jpg

Monday/Tuesday – Eight of Ariel
Another reminder for us to be proud of the work we’ve put in to our goals. Archangel Ariel is reminding us here that she’s guiding us to make important choices. Some sort of learning will be happening over these two days, and it’s important to put that learning into practice.

Wednesday/Thursday – The Sun – 19, Archangel Uriel
Life is wonderful! There is success in our lives that is inspiring to ourselves and others – celebrate this success and exercise the power of positive thinking! It brought us this far and will allow us to continue to move forward. When in doubt or feeling a bit of a struggle, call on Archangel Uriel to help you stay focused and in good spirits.

Friday-Sunday – Page of Raphael
A very social weekend indeed! The Summer Solstice falls on Saturday, where we officially enter the summer season, and we also have the kick-off of World Pride in Toronto! Get out and enjoy the weekend with a gentle, open heart, and stay in a loving space, no matter what you do. The energy and space we find ourselves in on Saturday (the day with the most amount of daylight, where our days begin to shorten again) will set the tone of our summer. Stay light and easy.

Enjoy the sunshine and all the daylight we have my loves. If you would like your own personal reading, email to set up a date.

You are loved,
Paul x