It’s been a while since we’ve connected like this – just over a month since our last angel forecast and so much has happened. I was in need of a little alone time with my angels, but we’re all so glad to be back and sharing these messages with you once again!

How have you been keeping in the last little while? Have you noticed an upheaval of energies lately? Where I live we’ve been having some serious rain and thunderstorms that are quite reflective of how most of us have been feeling. Of course, we have our angels to guide and protect us through these times (and always) so be sure to call on them. They will always be the calm within the storm, and help keep us grounded.

Let’s have a look …


What messages do you get from these cards? Quite your mind and trust your intuition.

Monday/Tuesday – Seven Of Gabriel
We know the suit of Gabriel represents action and the creativity and passion we put into them to make our dreams come true. The number 7 itself is a sign that we’re divinely supported – it truly is a magical number, so if you’ve been seeing this number around, the angels want you to know they’re with you!

This card tells us that we need to have confidence and stand up for our selves and what we believe in. Pay attention to what’s going on around you this week – there may be a person we need to say no to (a boss, a parent, or someone we’ve given authority of ourselves to). Remember, the number 7 tells us we’re supported, but make sure your “No” comes from a loving place. Avoid being aggressive – practice assertiveness.

Wednesday/Thursday – King Of Raphael
Archangel Raphael is the angel of heath and heart. This suit symbolizes all matters of the heart, from families and relationships to our hopes, dreams, and deep desires. This particular card represents all the things that make your heart flutter, whether it’s a relationship, any type of passion (your work, special interests, etc), or your soul purpose.

Our key words are “Romantic, Dramatic, Poetic, Introspective” – these characteristics may be describing the object of your fluttering heart, or may be describing characteristics you need to embody during this time to get your heart going. There’s a chance to be swept off your feet here, so stay grounded and firm (refer to Monday/Tuesday card) and enjoy the ride!

Friday – Sunday – 15, Decision – Archangel Jophiel
This card is from the Major Arcana, which signifies major life events or turning points, so we may experience a sudden change, or the beginning of something that will overhaul our lives. 15, in angel numbers, reminds us to stay in the up-spiral or remain positive in our thoughts as this will all manifest the best outcome. This card in particular, depicted by Archangel Jophiel, tells us it’s time to release our past so we can move forward on our path. It’s also a reminder that any non-beneficial thoughts are self-created and can easily be un-created.

In the card itself, we see a cage of 7 birds (there’s that number again), most are free but there’s still one part of us locked in the cage. Work with Jophiel and ask her to help you release all the lower energies (detox!) to bring more beauty and joy into your thoughts and action.

It has been my pleasure to share these messages with you, my loves. I’d be honoured to answer any questions for you or set up a time to prepare your own personal angel card reading. Send me an email –

You are loved,
Paul xx