“Into this world the universe has sent you to one another, and accomplishes between you the miracle of Love!”

You’re engaged! Welcome to this moment in your lives and to the place you have come to in each other’s hearts! Being engaged and becoming blended into one union is a big deal… a very big deal. I truly believe that a ceremony is not only one of the most vital and significant parts of your wedding day, but of your entire life. It is a celebration of a harmonious union and sacred agreement between you as a couple as you declare to the universe who you are as individuals and what your relationship means for the rest of the world.

Your ceremony must absolutely reflect the tremendousness of this sacred moment… tossed in with a little bit of sparkle and fun for good measure!

And that’s exactly where I come in.

I’m here to serve, and I serve by helping people transcend their fears and, in doing so, enable them to realize their truth – that we are all expressions of Love. I emulate this exact approach when helping couples create their Wedding Ceremony. Marriage is about two individuals, uniting in Love and coming together to fulfill a purpose that only they can do together.

Together, the three of us will create a customized Wedding Ceremony that clearly and authentically represents your relationship and what it stands for. A ceremony that will do the meaning of your unique love story justice and create a positive, strong foundation from the very first moments of your marriage onward.

I work with and celebrate any and every union of committed couples and partnerships; embracing the unconventional and untraditional in order to prioritize Love in all forms.

Sound intriguing? Good! Now let’s delve a little deeper…

Creating Your Authentic Wedding Experience

Officiating weddings is more than just simply providing a service. I view it as a special purpose, not just to witness, but to participate fully with my thoughts and intentions, to bless couples and their married life. It’s therefore imperative that our energies align and that we are the right fit; a complementary consultation with all couples is included prior to agreeing to work with one another.

When we decide to work together, we’ll meet again so that I can fully understand you as a couple, the journey that has taken each of you to this place, and to discover the true meaning of your relationship. From this point forward, we will create your authentic Wedding Ceremony.

Before the Wedding Ceremony

At your request, I will oversee the wedding rehearsal for you as a couple, your witnesses, and any other people representing you. We will go over any last-minute questions that you may have and prepare you to commit to a compelling and exciting future for yourselves, your family, and to any part you might play in the healing of the world!

On the Wedding Day

The Big Day! To ensure that everything runs smoothly, I’ll arrive to the ceremony one half hour early and will absolutely work with your Wedding Coordinator if and as needed. I’ll perform the ceremony just as rehearsed and planned.

Following Your Wedding Day

I’ll take care of all the legal paperwork within 48 hours of the ceremony as the law requires. What are you responsible for? Providing the marriage license & enjoying everything that comes with wedded bliss!

“May the energies of your lives blend into harmony and oneness in Love.”

Meet a few of the Lovers who have worked with me to create a beautiful celebration of their sacred agreement:

“[We] were thrilled to have Paul be a part of our special day. Right from our initial meeting we felt so comfortable with him and loved his spirit and passion. Paul made everything so easy for us, by giving us several different options for our ceremony to make it our own and organizing us all at the rehearsal so we were prepared the day of. We chose a very love oriented ceremony and Paul’s delivery was amazing and we received so many compliments from our guests on how beautiful the ceremony was. We would highly recommend Paul to anyone looking for an Officiant for their wedding.”

Jennifer and Cory

June 24, 2017

“Paul is a wonderful, caring [Minister of Love]. He took time to get to know us as a couple and supported us in planning a special wedding ceremony honouring our love. Paul understands our shared values for movement, wellness, mindfulness, and fun! In addition, he understands the seriousness of our commitment to each other. Paul is a great speaker, a great listener, and a joy to work with.”

Jill and Steve

July 8, 2017

“Thank you Paul for making our wedding something special. We loved every moment! Really appreciated you helping us plan this great day and make it a unique great memory.”

Juergen and Aaron

December 2, 2017

“Our wedding was absolutely perfect. Paul let us customize every last detail. He was professional, really listened to our concerns and was open to accommodating our special needs. It was important to me to light a candle and incense to open the ceremony and toast with champagne to signal the end of it. There were so many different ways we could have done it so it was nice to have someone guide us through to make it just right.”
Gwendolyn and Chris

February 14, 2018

“Thank you Paul for reading our minds so well and officiating our marriage through a ceremony that completely and accurately expressed who we are as individuals and as a couple.”

Paul and Rami

August 11, 2018

“We found Paul in the very last minute, and we were fortunate to do so. Paul quickly custom made a ceremony for us and was happy to make any tweaks we requested. But most importantly, from the very first conversation, Paul became a friend. He consulted us on every concern and conducted the ceremony so naturally that all our guests thought we’d known each other for years.

Thank you, Paul. You made our day special, and we will never forget it.”
Alon and Ariel

August 17, 2018

It would be my honour to help you plan your ceremony and officiate your wedding. Before you make the investment into your officiant, let’s see if we’re a match for one another. Fill out the form below and I will connect with you to see how we can move forward. There’s no obligation when you fill out this form.
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