I love Dianne Bondy for many reason, and her recent blog post just affirmed why and how much I love her!

About a month ago, I shared a blog post on my Facebook wall that someone had written about the images we generally see representing yoga (the term “yoga porn” may jog your memory). For the most part, the response was positive, but a few people got hung up on the analogy the writer used to get her message across, rather than the message itself. Dianne’s blog post is the point that I consider to end the arguments that started in the comments feed when I shared the yoga porn blog post.

Like Dianne said, “no shade, just truth … When some people are asked to examine their privilege in the same way that people of colour are forced to do on a daily basis – they instantly become the victim.” You could easily substitute the words “of colour” with “of a different sexual orientation/gender identification/belief system/hair colour/backpack (or any other ridiculous reason people are singled out), etc.” and the message is the same: We ALL have the right to be here.

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