I know she said something important, but it didn’t fully register into my brain. With my face squashed into the headrest of the massage table I’m sure I sounded drunk when I said “wut’d ‘ou seh?”

“Think less, feel more,” she replied.

I lifted my head and turned to face her as she dug her elbow into my right glute. “ohmigod, Martine, that’s it!” I plopped my head back into the headrest and slipped into a light sleep. I was in the brainwave state known as theta, it’s ideal for self-hypnosis and affirmation use. It was there I flooded my energy field with the vibration of Love, visualized what exactly “think less, feel more” felt like, and recited affirmations and mantras to imprint it into my soul.

Think less, feel more: the art of getting out of your head and into your heart. This is my theme for 2017, and if the feeling I got from my meditative massage is what it’s all about, then this year will bring me to new heights, and a higher state of consciousness.

I stopped making resolutions years ago, and opted for EVOLUTIONS. After re-reading this blog I posted three years ago (it’s obvious I channeling of a message from God), I’m inspired again. It’s time to pull focus into my heart. I’ll be honest, I’ve been feeling kinda shitty about how things transpired in 2016 and I finally realized why. Back when I was posting ideas like this, and creating wonderful yoga experiences, and having an amazing time doing it, I wasn’t thinking … I was living from my heart.

I accept that over the last little while I’ve been thinking too much: “will this post offend someone?” “will I be liked if I say or do this?” and the worst one “will people think I’m religious if I use the word God?” It’s all pretty fucked up if you ask me. Not to mention the impact it’s had on running my own business. The whole reason why I started doing what I’m doing is so I can be authentically me in the delivery of my message.

Years ago I was introduce to Danielle Laporte’s The Desire Map, and I fell in love with it. This past summer, in the middle of what I consider a very low vibrational slump of uninspired inaction, I decided to revisit my core desired feelings. A whole new shift began as I refined what I want to feel in life: Love, whimsy, juiciness, divinity, and freedom. None of that shit involves thinking … in fact, thinking brings the complete opposite of what I want. Thinking literally sucked the divinity right out of me!

I get it, there is a form of intellectualism that is needed in order to live life, and I’m still going to do my taxes, and pay my bills on time, and all those other things I don’t necessary “feel” like doing, but I’m going to do everything without other people’s “judgments” in mind. After all, if I perceive they’re judging me, then I’m really judging myself. And if they are judging me, then they’re not the kind of people I want in my life.

So let’s raise a glass to 2017! In numerology, 2017 reduces to 1 and it represents new beginnings. In angel numbers, 1 reminds us to give our fears over to God and the angels and simply relax into Love. May this year be full of miracles for us all and may we all live life from our hearts.

I love you very deeply,
Paul x