I’m so confused. I understand there has been a lot of loss in the year 2016 with so many leaving this planet – and this post is not denying that, or the grief many are feeling surrounding this loss – but my question is: why blame the calendar year for the cycle of life?

First of all, time doesn’t exist so 2016 is not to blame. Getting mad at the force that brought this talent, this life, this Love to the planet is dishonouring the Divine expression this person is.

Listen; grieve the loss of a loved one, miss them, honour their life, but don’t blame 2016, or any representation of time. Don’t blame anything for that matter. In their honour, feel what you’re feeling and Love someone. Feel what you’re feeling and support someone also going through pain. Feel what you’re feeling and find a constructive way to express your Love for a departed one, just avoid blame. Blame dishonours all the Love they are and the Divine expression that is their life. We owe it to them …

And I’m not just talking about the celebrities or those who are known by many. I’m talking about every being who has left this planet. Use the life force within you to make them immortal in our hearts, our thoughts, and our actions … it’s the only way we can keep their Love alive.