Juniper-Berry-5mlKnown for its many therapeutic benefits, Juniper Berry is a wonderful natural internal and external cleansing agent. With it’s fresh, woody and spicy aroma, this oil supports healthy kidney and urine function, and is beneficial for the skin. Juniper Berry also has a calming affect, and helps to purify the air when diffused.

On an emotional level Juniper Berry is known as the oil of night, and is said to help individuals understand their fears and the lessons they have to offer. This oil will help access those fears which have been long avoided. It’s also said to assist people who are afraid of the dark, which may be a sign of fear of the unknown aspects of ourselves.

Uses in and around the home:
– Dilute 1 drop in a small amount of carrier oil and apply to problematic skin
– Diffuse with citrus oils to freshen up the air in a room or to destress

I only use Certified Therapeutic Grade essential oils like doTERRA. Ensure the oils you use are organic, high quality oils to avoid any pesticides or synthetic materials.