WildOrange_15mlThe sweet, fresh, and energizing aroma of Wild Orange is undeniably one of the most uplifting and invigorating essential oils. With it’s powerful antioxidants, Wild Orange may enhance immunity to help maintain overall health.

Beyond the physical elements of Wild Orange, this essential oil also addresses a wide variety of emotional issues, including scarcity, rigidity, hoarding, and envy – emotions that are said to block the flow of abundance. This oil is said to encourage individuals to let go of “lack” thinking and focus thoughts on prosperity, limitlessness, and abundance. As demonstrated in nature, fruit trees, like the orange tree, give freely and replenish their yield constantly, allowing all those who need to take. Look beyond the fruit trees, and all of nature shows us that there is always enough for everyone.

Wild Orange also promote the release of all fears associated with “not having enough” and promotes the flow of abundance (giving and receiving), and enjoying the pleasureful bounties of life.

Uses in and around the home:
– mix in an all purpose spray to cleanse and purify surfaces
– diffuse to uplift the mood of your home or office (avoid using in places of rest like the bedroom)
– apply one or two drops to stomach or below naval to stimulate creativity


I only use Certified Therapeutic Grade essential oils like doTERRA. Ensure the oils you use are organic, high quality oils to avoid any pesticides or synthetic materials in your oils. 

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