To know me is to know I bring the life to the party … and by bring the life to the party, I mean spike the punch. It’s part of my charm and I have no intention of changing. My aunts are still talks about the year I brought a martini shaker to the Christmas party … and how heavy my hand is.

IMG_0081We already know that if there’s something wholesome and healthy, I’ll find a way to X it out – take a look at my collection of Yogi Cocktails where I’ve used tea and essential oils to get the party started. Now I mix and old love with my new love and present to you the Boozy Buchie Cocktail – Cocktails made with Kombucha I brewed myself!

Here is a simple Kombucha Cocktail to introduce you to the ease and deliciousness of making  your very own – I call it the Coconut Limeonade.

4 shots Green Tea Honey Kombucha
1 shot Coconut flavoured vodka (I prefer Ciroc)
Carbonated water (Perrier for me!)
1 drop doTERRA Lime Essential Oil (or use Lime Perrier if you don’t have)
Coconut sugar to garnish
Lemon to garnish

In a cocktail shaker, add ice, kombucha, vodka, and essential oil. Shake well and pour into coconut sugar rimmed glass, filling half way with mixture. Top up glass with carbonated water. Add lemon and enjoy!

This recipe makes one drink, multiply as needed. If you really want to keep this clean, eliminate the coconut sugar.

Give it a try and let me know what you think in the comments below. If you’re interested in joining my pauLicious Chain Of Love and Beneficial Bacteria For The Gut, click here!