MagicOfBeginnings“And suddenly you know: it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.” – Meister Echkart

September always feels like the new year for me, more so than January. For many, it’s the return to the familiar, whether it’s work, school, or keeping a home and family in order. The unstructured days of summer are gone as we once again follow schedules, meet deadlines, and … well – get back to routine.

Beginning is defined as “the point in time or space at which something starts,” and so by that, every moment is a beginning, every moment is new, and therefore, every moment will define our future. I’m currently in the midst of my own beginning – after leaving the position of Marketing Manager for YogaFit Canada in June, I’m now my Divine Wellness Consulting business where I blend all my skills together: fitness, wellness, Angelic guidance, and life coaching. I’ll continue leading YogaFit trainings as Master Trainer and now adding higher level trainings (my goals include Anatomy, and Level 4!), and of course, I will always be teaching my Yoga and YogaFit classes, offering a more meditative experience, as well as incorporating my love for restorative and healing based practice into my repertoire. And one thing I’m most excited about is taking my Chakra Dance and Meditation on the road! Look out for opportunity to experience this fun and transformative experience, along with new movements, playlists, and the possibility of a live musician added to the mix!

So whether you’re starting something brand new this month, or returning to familiarity, remember every moment can be new. I encourage you today to do something different every day – at least one thing! A Feng Shui technique that’s preformed at the start of a new year is to move 27 things to freshen up the energy. Consider moving things that cause you to do daily tasks differently – place your soap dispenser on the opposite side of the sink, move your alarm clock further away from your bed and set it to a different time or to play a different sound. Not only will this bring new energy to your day, it will also work your brain in a differently, creating new neuro pathways that will improve brain function.

May each moment be fresh and abundant with the magic of beginnings.

You are loved,
Paul x