In yoga and healing practices, it’s very common to use something called “mudra.” Mudras are hand positions, signs or symbols that unlock energy within your body and uses it to help you with healing and manifesting. Mudras are very easy to do and can be incorporated into any yoga or meditation practice.

Our mudra for September is the mudra for self-confidence, the quality necessary for successful beginnings that turn our dreams into reality. It’s said the power of this mudra will improve your projection of positive energy and dispel any self-defeating actions and thoughts.


photo credit: Jonathan Dolphin

  • Sit comfortably with a long spine
  • Lift hands to solar plexus area (centre between navel and heart) with elbows extended outward
  • Connect middle knuckles of the last three fingers together
  • Point index fingers away from body and touch tips together lightly
  • Point thumbs toward body and touch tips together lightly
  • Bring mudra close to body so thumbs are touching your body at solar plexus.
  • Breath deeply and slowly while repeating the mantra
  • Remain in this position for a few minutes. After a full exhalation, release hands to side and take 10 deep breaths

The chakra associated with this mudra is Manipura, the Solar plexus, our centre of confidence and will power, and; Anja, our third eye, associated with intuition and vision.

While practicing this mudra, repeat the mantra: I am confident and I honour the power within me.