It was exactly one week ago to the day that I was recognized for one of the biggest awards in the fitness industry – canfitpro’s World Fitness Expo 2015 Specialty Presenter Of The Year. This is the fourth year I’ve presented at the World Fitness Expo (formerly canfitpro International Fitness Conference) and each year I fall more and more in love with what I do. Of all the conferences I’ve presented at, this is the largest … it’s also the first one I’ve ever attended when I started working in the industry almost 10 years ago.

I’ll never forget my first conference – I was sitting in a massive crowd of 5,000+ people with some of the personal trainers I worked with at the time. Silken Laumen was the Keynote speaker, and I cried.

The following year Kathy Smith was the Keynote and she talked about staying present. I’ll never forget this moment – she paused for a second and it was silent. She talked about the sounds she could hear in the distance – the fan, the cars outside, someone coughing in the background. It was pretty profound and obviously I cried. Later that night at the Welcome Reception, I saw Kathy Smith and I ran over to her to thank her for a) all the years of doing fitness videos with my mom, and b) her speech. She then said to me “You’re amazing! What sessions are you presenting this year?” I was taken aback, but in a split second I said “Oh, I’m not presenting this year – but I will be soon!” You guys, I totally made that up on the spot, but four years later, it happened! Who knew talking to Kathy Smith was like putting in an request to the universe to make things happen?


The award I received has nothing to do with me, and everything to do with allowing spirit to flow through me. In all my sessions, workshops, and trainings, I always prepare for months in advance – trying things in my regular classes, making note of the responses, and tweaking the next time around. Coming up with ideas and testing them on a select group and then taking the feedback and perfecting for the next time around. But then what happens when it comes to the actual event? I say “Angels and Spirit, thank you for working through me to provide whatever experience is needed for all who attend.” and boom – magic. Half the time I have no idea what comes out of my mouth, but it seems to work!

Below is the video of my acceptance speech – who knew how long it would take! A huge thank you to Marina McSherry for filming it for me. As you can see, I was being cued to wrap it up, but I had to get so much out … so much that I missed a bit, so here are my notes for everyone to read:

Patch, Mo Rod, Nathalie, Georgia and everyone at canfitpro for providing us educators with an avenue to do what we do

Key players at GoodLife: Shelley Taylor, Kim Lavender, Nadine Young for opening doors and mentoring me through that leg of my journey. 

My heart is full of gratitude for Beth Shaw and Lisa Greenbaum – for the opportunities and lessons and for seeing things in me that I couldn’t see in myself. 

The YogaFit Canada Trainer Team – Joy, Claudette, Christa, Terra, Marianne, Tracy for inspiration and support 

Everyone at the YogaFit Canada office for putting up with my crazy. 

Lawrence Biscontini for the support and guidance through the early stages of my career

Super Betty and Kathy Smart for the love and encouragement

All the presenters at every conference I’ve presented at and attended – it’s an honour to be on the same bill as you. I look up to each and every one of you! 

Mom, Dad, Grace, Jen, Isabella

My soul sister and wonder woman, Linda Carter

My bestie Alicia for coming to PTS with me 10 years ago!

My angels, my loves and my beings of light for always surrounding me!

Spirit for working through me!

Most importantly – the delegates for this honour! I do what I do so I can bask in the glow of your love and energy, so thank you for sharing that with me!

Great things happen when you let shit go! We all have a divine brilliance deep within that needs to come out and shine! Let those things that no longer serve you fall away – Keep being true to yourself and your dreams, and all our dreams will come true!!

Please do this with me … take your right hand/left shoulder, left hand/right shoulder, give yourself a squeeze and imagine that hug is from me! I love you all! 

This award goes out to everyone who’s ever attended my classes, conference sessions, workshops, trainings, all my clients, my friends, my family, and people who are no longer in my life but have shaped it in one way or another. Without you, I wouldn’t be the man I am today. So thank you to everyone for this honour!

Wow – two weeks into 30-more and already so much has happened! Universe, I’m ready to give and receive more this year!!