Paul’s spirit shines through in his yoga classes and workshops. The sparkle factor is always there and I appreciate that his yoga is different then other yoga classes I’ve done. They’re fun, uplifting and enlightening; a real connection with mind, body and spirit!

Denise Livott


I’ve been suffering with a lower back stiffness/pain since January. According to my doctor, chiropractor, and physiotherapist, it’s my sacroiliac joint – nothing major but very uncomfortable. I’ve tried everything to make the pain just go away, getting chiropractic adjustments, phsysio exercises, foam roller, accuball, tennis ball, miracle ball, heat pad and being all taped up … I only had temporarily relief. A day after your workshop and I can actually say that I’m pain free! [Your workshops] are very healing, educational and so much fun!

Mary Rose


Working with Paul has been like being able to take a breath of air after being under water.  His lifetime experience, deep-seated compassion and cultivated wisdom informs his coaching as well as his teaching. He carefully listens and intuitively knows what to recommend for each and every client. Paul draws from a multitude of sources and disciplines and makes his content accessible for each and every person; he meets you where you are, infusing sessions with joy, love, empathy and authenticity. This has been one of the most significant professional relationships of my life and I am forever grateful for the gifts and blessings Paul has to share.

Kelly Harrigan