It’s been just over one year since my original #scarfaday campaign, born out of a way to wear the 25+ scarves I picked up in India. What an adventure! I had no idea people from all over would be joining in on the fun, sharing pics in their scarf that day. Even my dear friend Skila Ramirez in Texas got in on the action … what a beautiful collection she has! My favourite part was giving away some of the scarves in my collection. There are scarves all over Ontario, and one even ended up in Saskatchewan!


So yes, it’s time to bring it back since the temps are dipping up here in Canada, and also because I haven’t worn some of them since last year! It all begins on Monday, November 3 … the 2014 version has a twist:

With each scarf I wear, I’m infusing an affirmation in to it and wrapping it around me for the day. I would LOVE for you to join me – you don’t need to do it every day, but when you feel inspired, snap a pic and post it on social media using #scarfaday and include your affirmation. I’d love for you to tag me in the post as well so I can see and share it with everyone!

Certain scarves will be given away (I’ll indicate that in the post) and if you want it, figure out a way to get it from me and it’s yours! I can’t wait to see what your affirmations are – share the love of scarves and affirmations with everyone!