Saying-I-Love-You-Is-Worth-163-424-Study-Says-2I love you! I really do – and I’m not afraid to tell you that either. I can’t recall when or how it started, but I decided to say “I love you!” – or some variation that conveys the same message – to everyone. It’s part of my contribution to making this world a better place. Sometimes it catches people off guard. Sometimes they get freaked out. Sometimes they say “love you too!” back. The response I get doesn’t really matter to me since I’m not just saying it just to hear it back.

I was shopping one day with a friend for who-knows-what. I can’t remember exactly what was going on, but I remember the person running the shop was super helpful. She and I had an instant connection, and I felt like we knew each other so deeply in our short time together. At the end of the transaction, I grabbed my purchases and said “okloveyoubai!” (I sometimes like to make it one word for greater impact …) and she responded all bashfully “oh! *surprised giggle* Love you too. Have a good day you guys!” Being used to any sort of response, it didn’t phase me. And then this happened:

Friend: “Why did you say I love you?”
Me: “Because I do.”
Friend: “Yeah, but you don’t know her.”
Me: “Yeah I do. I just spent 30 minutes with her in that shop. We’re such good friends now.”
Friend: “So you knew her from before?”
Me: “No, I just met her today, but we’re besties already!”

Both my friend and I were quite perplexed – he didn’t understand how I could say “I love you” to someone I just met, and I couldn’t understand why it was so foreign to him.

Do I really need to know the other person intimately or for a long time to say “I love you!” and mean it? If we are all an expression of the divine, wouldn’t it make sense to say those words, even if we just met on the physical realm for the first time? And if the qualities we see in others are a reflection of the qualities we see in ourselves, wouldn’t we be receiving love by giving it to someone else? Even if they get under our skin, that’s the best time to give love. After all, they’re showing us a part of ourselves that needs love. And so to love them is to in fact love and heal ourself.

On that note, I love you … and I’m not afraid to tell anyone that. Not even myself.

Okloveyoubai! xx