In this workshop we will explore the fundamental principles of A Course In Miracle through music, mindful yoga-based movement, and meditation.

In your every waking moment you have a choice: to align your thoughts with love or fear. As thought creates form on some level, what you choose will define your experience of each moment, and ultimately the trajectory of your life. But how can you thrive in this world when the predominant thought system is fear? Simple … expect a miracle!

From a metaphysical perspective, a miracle is a shift from fear-based thought to a methodology of Love. When your foundation is Love you experience infinite joy, unwavering peace, and a juiciness that infuses all areas of your life.

Join Paul Galloro as he takes you on a miracle-minded journey from the limitations that bind you in fear to a state of endless love and infinite possibility.

Upcoming dates:

May 4, 2019 | 2pm – Indigo Yoga Studio, Richmond Hill – Register

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