Note To SelfI recently participated in an artistic project called “Note To Self.” 100 people from all walks of life were chosen to participate in this photographic experience. We chose a childhood photo, wrote a letter to ourselves from that time, and then were photographed in a way that captured our transformation and growth. A true honour to be selected, and I was humbled by the pure talent and professionalism of my two wonderful photographers, Angela Durante Dukát and Melanie Hillock. I’m always in awe of the creative process, and it was a true gift to see these two artists at work.

One of the points that came up in my letter was the idea of being trapped in a box created by other people. I see it all the time and I’ve also experienced it. Part of my journey has been to break free from this mould and just be myself, whole hearted and unapologetic. The photo I submitted was my SK school photo – it’s the image I always think of when I meditate on my inner child, so I thought it was fitting – I’m wearing a beige shirt, sitting in front of a grey background. It’s flavourless and stale, lacks any sense of luster, and looks very monochromatic … except for the sparkle. There’s a glitter in that little boy’s eye, or at least that’s what I was told by others for a very long time. I never saw it. It wasn’t only true of the picture, but in real life as well. I never noticed that sparkle until recently, but I know it’s there now. I wanted to bring this out in the letter and the photographers did a wonderful job capturing this. Take a look what Melanie said about and produced from our time together.

It amazes me, how we sometimes go through life latching on to other people’s fears. If you haven’t ever felt held back by fears, yours or others, then I applaud you, dear love. Please share that gift and experience with the world! And if you’ve felt held back, or trapped by the confides of any limited belief, know there is hope and you will break free … now is the time!

It’s time to bust out of the box and “be who you were born to be … and be it unashamed!” (Bette Midler, I’m Beautiful)

You are so deeply loved,
Paul xo