While doing my morning scroll through Instagram, I came across this image with the caption #mondaymotivation …

I scratched my head and immediately googled the definition of motivation.

Motivation: |ˌmōdəˈvāSH(ə)n|
the general desire or willingness of someone to do something

Ok great … so this person wants to violently attack something – got it! (note to self, stay away from that person on Mondays).

I continued scrolling and found another picture with the caption #punchfearintheface.

Pause. I have to ask the question: What’s the obsession with punching things in the face? I thought violence wasn’t the answer … let’s dig a bit deeper:

Essentially what’s being said is there’s a hope something fear based will help one overcome something else based in fear. It doesn’t quite work that way. If anything, a fear based action to overcome something else based in fear will only contribute to the energy of fear. “Every jot and tittle adds to the pot,” as they say.

We can all agree that fear keeps us from overcoming obstacles or achieving goals, but hear me out: fear is a shadow covering Love. A Course In Miracles says “fear is to Love what darkness is to Light.” Its sole intention is to keep you small. If we looked at it from a spiritual perspective, it will deliberately disconnect you from our Natural Intelligence. When we disconnect from this source, we’re not serving our higher purpose. We’re not living the full expression of who we are.

In order to overcome something, we actually need to rise above it. Think about MLK and his quote “darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can” … you can’t achieve greatness if you’re trying to do it with lower level thinking. Now I know what you’re thinking: “oh c’mon, Mary! It’s just a figure of speech” … yeah, but this figure of speech isn’t serving a higher purpose. Since there are no neutral thoughts (words, actions, etc), this talk, if anything, condones violence. It’s not promoting Love when we say we’re going to punch fear in the face. We can’t achieve great things if we’re using lower vibrational tactics to achieve them. No matter how you slice it, fear is fear and it won’t help you try to destroy it.

Albert Einstein said (and I loosely quote this) you can’t solve a problem at the level in which it was created. Meaning the only way to overcome fear is to do just that – overcome it. We need to rise above, or in the case of MLK’s quote, we need to turn on the light … we need to bring the Love. When you walk into a dark room and turn the light switch on, the darkness disappears. If you walk up to your fear and acknowledge its existence then show it that you choose to act from a place of Love instead, it will dissolve and you literally elevate your vibration and rise above it. Then you can triumph and achieve great things … and the fear won’t come back because you didn’t use it in the first place.

So let’s make a promise to ourselves and our greatness, to kiss the day in the face, to kiss fear on the lips, and to Love our way to our goals. It’s with Love we will achieve great. It is Spirit’s promise to us.