What a blessing it was to officiate this wedding! Madeline and Sean came to me through Maddy’s mother Bev, who I’ve known for years. I was in Italy at the time and when Bev messaged me I just knew I wanted to meet this couple.

This particular wedding holds a special place in my heart because it’s the first wedding I officiated after spending a few months hidden from the world. There was a moment when I wanted to give up *everything* … and I mean everything. I wasn’t even sure if I was going to continue officiating weddings but from the second I spoke to Madeline and Sean on the phone, I felt something wiggle inside of me. I was curious, so I followed that wiggle.

The process of officiating their wedding was healing for me. Through Madeline and Sean’s love for one another and their commitment to grow in this world together, it reminded me of why I began officiating weddings in the first place: to bring people together to make this world a more loving place.

What I had experienced with Madeline and Sean I had seen echoed in their relationship with everyone present at the wedding. I could tell that this couple had touched the lives of each and every person present at the ceremony and the love M+S shared with their loved ones was echoed back to them in waves. It was beautiful to witness and beautiful to experience.

The entire day was beautiful! I met the couple and the wedding party before the ceremony and we all blessed Madeline and Sean’s wedding rings and centred ourselves with a group meditation (second pic below), and then after the procession, I lead all the 180+ guests in a group meditation … it was powerful! Since this wedding, 80% of all the weddings I officiate have embraced the idea of opening with a grounding meditation.

I’ve said it many times and I’ll say it again. Officiating Madeline and Sean’s marriage was a blessing and it will continue to bless this world for years to come.

Madeline and Sean, may the love that brought you two together continue to bless and nurture your relationship, and may your relationship continue to bless this world.

(Photo Credit: Scarlet O’Neill, @scarletoneill)


Here’s what Madeline and Sean said about working with me:


Paul was so wonderful to work with. He had a such a genuine and sincere process for working through the creation of our ceremony to make it absolutely perfect. It was such a beautiful reflection of us, we got to incorporate so many details that made it so special and unforgettable. Paul was completely open to a group meditation that we opened the ceremony with for our 180 guests – it was magnificent! 
Paul is truly a gifted soul who speaks to couples on a deeper level. He was able to draw particularly sincere aspects out of our conversations to build a beautiful and memorable experience for us. He was professional, warm and delightful to work with – we couldn’t be happier with our wedding day and our ceremony, and thank Paul from the bottom of our hearts for all the soul he poured into making the day so special. 


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