full_moon_water_640I’ve always been fascinated with the moon – how a rock floating in the sky could change it’s shape, size, and colour. How something so tiny in the night sky, with no light of it’s own, could reflect the rays of the sun and illuminate even the darkest of nights. What blows my mind even more is when I see the moon in the daylight! That will always make me stop in my tracks and pause in admiration.

Today, at 7:05am Eastern, the moon was it’s fullest. Have you noticed people acting crazy(er than usual) lately? This is why. There’s no doubt about it, the moon has an affect on the planet. Google how the moon’a gravitational pull affects the ocean and river tides, it’s fascinating.

The full and new moon periods are great times of the month to really harness the energy of the moon. The moon’s power is quite potent at these times, and each cycle means something different. The full moon, perfect for releasing and clearing, is a time when the moon and it’s energy shines light in the darkest parts of our lives to help us see clearly and to release the things that don’t help us grow. The new moon, a perfect time for manifesting. It’s a time of beginning, renewal, and a fresh start – makes sense why the Chinese new year begins on a full moon (never the same date).

As the moon follows an elliptical orbit, it’s never the same distance from the earth. Right now, it’s at the furthest point from the earth, a phenomenon referred to as the micro moon. The moon looks about 12% smaller than it usually does. Energetically, this creates a vacuum, and if applied beneficially to our lives, this vacuum can help us release obstacles and heaviness that brings stops us from moving forward. Just as your run-of-the-mill Dyson works, this vacuum can either clear away the debris, getting rid of the lower energies, or it could suck you right back in to whatever you’re trying to get away from.

You may have noticed some things from your past creeping their head back in? Maybe an ex is trying to contact you, or an old job is asking for you to work for them again. Knowing what you know, and staying true to what you believe in, you can use the moon’s energy to either clear that stuff away for good.

In last night’s Full Moon Yoga and Meditation at my wellness centre, we used the energy of the moon to create a fire of transformation. After moving through a few yoga poses, we meditated on what brings us joy, and what seemed to weigh down. When things came up, we’d write them down. After spending some time with these notes, one by one we torched them and set them free.

letthe0amother0af2acker0aburn21-defaultI feel as though I’ve been letting go for years, and I have. I’ve let go of emotions I held on to from past painful experiences, cleared away the fears that kept me trapped in limits that someone else created for me, and released all the limiting beliefs that didn’t serve a purpose to me. This full moon proved to me just how much I’ve let go and how much is gone! I have a few things that I wrote down, and boy did I love watching that mother f*cker burn! I even woke up this morning to find that one thing from my past is absolutely gone for good … of course in a loving way, but it just feels so free to be free of the weight I bear for so long.

And it’s funny about the vacuum – my past has tried to creep it’s way back in, and I could see myself getting sucked back in to the limits and fears. But I stood strong. I still stand strong and honour my truths, deepest desires, and all the hard work I did to get here. F*ck, I was so exhausted at some points that I thought of giving up, but something kept pushing me forward. It was knowing my truth and having the support from loved ones that kept me going. And to all of you, I say thank you!

If you think you’re alone, you’re not. I’m here for you. It may not be directly, but when you look at the moon, just know I am right here, looking at that same moon. I am so proud of you and you inspire me to keep on going. Deep gratitude for all you do … we’re all here for the same thing – to be love.

Paul x