These monthly angel forecasts are created with the intention of sharing the divine messages from the angels with you for the purposes of your soul’s evolution.
May these messages support you on your journey and enlighten your heart and mind. 


June 2015: Step Into YOU!

The angels have a theme this month, and it’s YOU! Through all the growth and transformation, the angels remind us they are here to help us on our journey in every way we ask.

Please note: this month’s reading is in a new format. Rather than a card per week, four cards have been selected to represent the entire month. The themes weave in and out of this reading just as they do through our lives. Please let me know how you enjoy this format by emailing

The four cards we have this month are:
The High Priestess – 2 – Archangel Haniel
Five of Ariel
New Beginnings – 20 – Archangel Jeremiel
The Sun – 19 – Archangel Uriel


The High Priestess tell us to be at peace. We must remember to take care of our physical bodies as we go through our transformation. This is most important now as we do more clearing and healing work – people will demand more of our time, just as we will demand it of ourselves. Schedule in the self care time as it’s just as important as the work. The High Priestess also reminds us of our intuitive abilities. Pay attention to your dreams and any psychic insights as they reveal so much for you. Take time to meditate (part of your self care regime) as psychic energy runs high right now. We have all the answers to every question we’ve ever asked and will ever ask inside of us, all we need to do is stop and listen to that inner voice. It’s usually quiet and very patient for your ear while you’re running around filling your schedule with busy work. Ask Archangel Haniel to help you develop your intuition and clearly hear messages from the universe and your angels.

The suit of Ariel represents the material world and how we interact through our daily life. This particular card, Five of Ariel, reminds us that we have an unlimited resources of assistance available to us at all times – all we have to do is ask! If you’re worried about being a burden to someone else, trust that by you asking for help is allowing them to use their skills and abilities to help others, just as you are doing. It gives others the opportunity to grow and expand as well. This card also reminds us to keep our thoughts beneficial as they have a big role in creating our reality.

Yet another Major Arcana card in this month’s reading, the New Beginnings card tells us of a new start, or a need to sharpen our focus on our mission. Now is the time to review your personal history and make changes that will lead you in the direction of your true self. Call upon Archangel Jeremiel to assist you in this review and to help you get clear on what you need. If you’re in the northern hemisphere on June 21, you’ll be experiencing the Summer Solstice, the longest period of daytime – a time to celebrate all the light in our lives and the light we contribute to this planet. If you’re in the southern hemisphere on June 22, you’ll experience the Winter Solstice, the shortest period of daylight and a time to welcome more light into your life. Wherever you are on the planet at the time of the solstice, work with Jeremiel to take inventory of your life and focus on the light.

Finally, The Sun card, another reminder to keep our thoughts beneficial – just as the sun nourishes plants and helps them grow, plants grow towards the sun. Our thoughts shape our future and bring us closer to our true self, or keep us away. Talk to your angels, ask them to help you maintain a sunny disposition. Life truly is wonderful if you look at all the wonder in your life!

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