I arrived in Calgary Wednesday morning and decided to take a day trip out to Banff. If you haven’t been here before, you must. My intention was to go to the hot springs (it’s always been a dream of mine!) but they’re closed for maintenance this week – guess I’ll have to come back! Instead, I took a hike up Johnston Canyon.


There’s something about the energy of this place and how it was formed is totally fascinating. This water has a level of acidity and it’s current has carved it’s way through a couple hundred feet (maybe more? can’t remember) of limestone and rock over the course of 8,000 years to create this creek we know and love today. It’s totally mind blowing how it works – at some parts, the water finds it’s way through tiny cracks in the limestone create little tunnels and channels and eventually washes it away. What’s even cooler is that at one of the highest points, the water and rock actually work together to create new rock. You truly need to go yourself and experience it.

As I made my journey along this creek, I became inspired. Something washed over me as I stood in a tiny lookout cave carved out around the 1920s by the rush of water. I made a wish for you. Yes, YOU! From the entirety of my heart, here is my wish:

I wish the power within you perseveres to cut through the layers of hurt, old beliefs, past lives, and karma like the waters of this canyon cut through layers of rock to create the beauty it is.


I stood there after making this wish, and the angels sent me a message. They said “you are all it takes.” You, as in YOU – the one I made the wish for. You are all it takes to release old habits, break old patters, and become what you’ve always wanted to be. You are already what you want to be, you just need to shed those layers of fear, hurt, pain, suffering, disbelief, and sadness. It’s easy to do – I’ve done it, and I’m still doing it, and I’d love to help you – like I said, it’s easy to do. All you need to do is commit – just commit to listening to your heart. Once you hear what your heart says, then start to listen. The thing is, when you start to listen to your heart, it can get scary – what’s to come? “Are you sure, heart? Because I’ve always done it the other way.” and to that your heart responds “Yes, and look where that got you …” You are all it takes to make your life what you want it to be.

Already feeling as though you’ve chipped away at many layers and are doing good? GOOD! Now you have work to do … go out and help those who need it! Show them how to feel as great as you. Show them how joyful their life can be, by living your joyful life. It’s YOU! Together we can bring change into this world – we can make this a world that is more loving, more heart-centred, and more peaceful. WE can do that! It doesn’t take much, really … we just need to continue listening to our hearts.


Let’s commit to breaking through the layers, busting out of the cage, and letting ourselves be free from all the old stuff – it’s time we flow down the creek of life to the place we know in our soul.

I love you!

Paul x