You may have heard me say meditation has changed me, but that’s not entirely true. Meditation has made me more ME, and the more I be ME, the deeper I fall in love with myself.

I didn’t always love myself, and when I share this with others, they’re baffled. Seriously! I don’t often use this word, but there was a lot I hated about myself. I kept myself busy to distract me from all the things I didn’t like about me … my voice, my body, my sunny disposition (wait, did you really just say that Paul? Yeah, and maybe I’ll explain it to you over kombucha some day) … whenever I sat down to meditate, I was forced to be with all of that and I just couldn’t do it.

But here’s the thing: we’re never going to experience joy in our lives if we don’t love ourselves, and we’re never going to love ourselves if we keep running away. I kept running away from myself by losing myself in different jobs, different interests, different relationships … anything to take the focus off of me. The moment I stopped, I found it. It was all right there inside me. All I had to do was stop, sit, and breathe.

Nowadays, I celebrate all the things I didn’t love about myself. My meditation practice helped me see the beauty in everything I resisted. To my logical mind, the connection between loving myself and meditation didn’t make sense, and it wasn’t until I gave it a try that I discovered this: you’re bound to fall in love with yourself when you realize all you have is yourself.

Meditation was never easy for me and many people I talked to shared a similar experience. That’s why I created the 40 Days of Stillness meditation program. Give yourself just 40 days and see how you’ll blossom.

The next round launches August 30th, and we begin our 40 days on September 3. I’m offering $20 off your investment for this program until 11:59pm EDT on August 22. Interested? Click here for more information.