In our latest episode of Come Alive! The Living Spirit-fully! Guide to Thriving, Catherine and I discuss Permaculture Principle #2: Catch and Store Energy. I’m fascinated by how applying these principles to our lives makes for a more joyful experience.

In our conversation, Catherine shared her biggest a-ha moment of permaculture and it really got me thinking. She said “we’re not growing plants, we’re growing soil.” 🤯  Of course we want our soil to be healthy … it’s where a plant gets a large amount of nutrients, and the plant will become that which it consumes.

It makes me think about a meme I saw once:

In permaculture soil is called OM, which stands for Organic Matter.  I first learned of the sound OM in my study of yoga where it’s said to be the sacred sound of the universe that is present in all things. Sound is vibration, and as we discussed in the episode, our words a frequency that then becomes our vibration, Our vibration creates our body, our experiences, and the world around us. The connection between soil being called OM, where plants receive nutrients, and OM being a vibration that creates the universe gives me a new perspective on what I put into my spiritual soil.

When I think about my spiritual soil, I think about everything I absorb: from the foods I eat to the books I read, the music I listen to, the media I consume, and yes, my relationships. How do they affect my body, my mind, and my spirit? Are they supporting my growth in a way that enables me to THRIVE, or are they simply filler? Are the regenerative, or do they require a lot of energy to sustain?

The OM-work Catherine and I offered in the episode asks us to pause and tap into our JOY, for this truly is a source of vibrancy. I’d love to know your experience of the episode and your OM-work. Join the conversation in The Living Spirit-fully! Collective Facebook group – click here to join!

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