Can you believe it’s been 30 days since I started this? WOW! Honestly, life is pretty grand when you have so much to be grateful for. Best part: I never felt like I had to make up stuff to be grateful for … there’s just so much, it’s hard not to come up with anything! Here’s my list for today, day 30:

1. Waking up in my new bed, with a new energy buzzing in my bedroom
2. New outfits!
3. One step closer to my monthly newsletter (be the first to sign up!)

(sidebar, I just realized I said “new” in each point … hmmm, angels telling me something?)

4. Terra Nicolle for NEWminating (nominating … new … see what I did there? … ok, now I’m just trying too hard) me – thank you for reminding me the importance of making gratitude a focus each day!