I thought I could escape this, but I guess there’s no hiding from positivity! We’ll it’s not the positivity I was trying to escape, it was more the “post 3 things you’re grateful for on Facebook” thing, but I’ll join in the fun … in my own way, of course. So here’s what’s up … I got tagged in a post today by my dear friend Terra Nicolle. It said:

I have been invited by my friend Shawna Thomson-Belisle to participate in a 5 day positivity challenge. I am to post 3 positive things that have happened to me each day, and invite 2 friends to join me per day. I believe if you speak, think, and act positive and with gratitude, in a short time with practice it can and will transform your attitude and behavior and in turn your health in an abundant way so hear are my 3… Day 3!

1. Started my day on the path 
2. Katie is coming home 
3. loving having the windows open….even thought there is the sound of thunder!

I am inviting Marion Timbers and Paul Galloro to join me in this 30 days or positivity/gratitude challenge xxxxoooo

I have to say, I love her three things – how great are they!? And I believe what she said – “if you speak, think, and act positive and with gratitude … it can and will transform your attitude and behaviour and, in turn, your health.” So here’s what I’ll do – it’s an open invitation to EVERYONE to join me. I’ll be posting them on my blog, but I invite you to post them wherever you want: Facebook, your fridge, bathroom mirror, in a text message to a friend, just do it!

And as a side, it’s not sharing the things you’re grateful for that I have an issue with … oh no, I love it! But why limit it to Facebook? Tell someone in person – heck, tell everyone! Just do it and do it often … it doesn’t need to be a fancy show.


Don`t let the forehead creases fool you – I`m actually really happy here on the beach of Payne`s Bay in Barbados

Here are my first three things:

1. Waking up in Barbados
2. Going for an early morning walk and ocean dip
3. Journaling for 30 minutes … twice!

That feels pretty good … so you in?