If I make a donation to Standing Rock and I don’t share it on Facebook, does it still count? If I try to eat a more plant based diet in efforts to not contribute to the cruelty of animals without throwing it in other people’s face, does it mean anything? If I don’t change my profile picture to let my Facebook “friends” know I support human rights, does it mean I don’t? Does not sharing my political views on a public forum, or bashing those with opposing views mean I don’t care about the state of this planet and the people who dwell on it?

I get the importance of being educated and learning about issues, but we need to remember every single ray of light we shine on any issue, no matter how we do it, is important. What I don’t understand is when people who stand up for something start (and I don’t even want to use this word, but it’s the only one that comes to mind) shaming those who are seemingly not doing anything to make a difference on this planet. I’m pretty sure those at Standing Rock aren’t sharing articles on Facebook of themselves being brutally attacked and getting mad at other people for not commenting or sharing it as well. Those on the front line of anything are not concerned with what others are doing … they’re concerned about what they’re doing for what they believe in, and welcoming all those who believe in what they believe in. It’s called strength in numbers … Yes, it’s important for us who are not there to support them in what ever way we can, but our support is less effective if, in the process, we’re spewing fear-based messages towards others who we think aren’t helping. What if 100% of our energy was put towards love instead of 50% love and 50% fear (or any ratio where it’s divided between love and something else)?

Support comes in many forms: getting on the front line and doing something about it, spreading the message of a cause near and dear to our hearts in a loving and educational way, sending money/supplies/resources to whoever needs it, and also praying/chanting/meditating/coming together in community, etc for any cause are equally important … remember, the thoughts and words we send toward something is as equally important as the tangible, because that energy prayers send, strengthens those who are out there doing the work. It’s not about form, it’s abut content, and we all play a role in everything.