Divine Wellness Coaching/Yoga Therapy

We all have the power within us to actualize greatness. This power is the exact energy that created us and it is our right to use it to do great things in this world. Tap into this inner strength and not only will you attract abundance, you will also manage stress and anxiety. Are you yearning to be in the driver’s seat of your life? Through Divine Wellness Coaching/Yoga Therapy you will access your Divine Intelligence and reveal your brilliance.

Divine Wellness Coaching/Yoga Therapy is a physical, mental, and spiritual journey. You and I will create a customized plan involving many different modalities to help you in your journey. Our time together is focused on you, your goals, your needs, and, most importantly, your truth.

My soul’s purpose is to help you evolve in to the purest form of your authentic self. Together, we will work through the layers to illuminate the full potential of your divine brilliance.

Paul Galloro


Creating a sense of wellness begins with small changes. Practical and healthful physical practices will create a sense of well-being and will allow us to connect deeply to our body. With this connection, we’ll be able to access our body’s wisdom, which holds all the answers we seek.


Changing the lens in which we view the world can help change our thoughts and beliefs. Our thoughts and beliefs can be altered through vibrational and frequency changes giving us clarity on our directions and desires for the world.


Connecting with our higher power, whatever that means to us, can help bring a juiciness to a heart and soul centred life. Learning to uncover your inner brilliance and let your true voice speak will create powerful changes in your life. Your vibrance will radiate and produce the life you were meant to lead.

Healing modalities used:


Chakra balancing

Essential oils and aromatic healing

Guided meditation

Breathing practices

Mudra (hand gestures)

Mantra (affirmations)

Crystals and gemstones

Self study/journaling

Thai Yoga Massage
(in-person sessions only)

Take control of your life today. Set up a free 20 min consultation with me to see if Divine Wellness Coaching is right for you.