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Self-care. I get it; this word has been discussed ad nauseam. It is arguably one of the more clichéd terms in the wellness industry these days, but it’s so much more than just indulging in bubble baths, facemasks and manicures. Don’t get me wrong, I love a great massage just like the next person, but self-care is more than the superficial façade it’s currently made out to be in the media.

So then what is self-care exactly? Any selfish act is not considered self-care. Self-care is about taking responsibility for your energy and the contribution of your energy to the collective. It’s not about “what do I do”; we all too often get stuck on the form. It’s about learning the principles, understanding the laws of the universe, and using them for the maximal growth for the collective, not just a fragment of it. 

But in a world where overachieving and overextending ourselves is glorified, how do we put “us” first? What can we do to see the value in taking a moment to #stop, #sit, and #breathe? The key to unlocking your divine brilliance and living your Truth is simple. The key is Self-care (yes, with a capital S) as a practice of Self-Love.

I believe in miracles. I believe that you are not broken, you were not shattered, you are not wrong, and you are not bad. What you are is perfect, whole, and complete, and although you may have forgotten that for a moment, there is a way to remembering your greatness, revealing your sparkle, and experiencing radical self-acceptance.  

The key to unlocking your divine brilliance is Self-care as a practice of Self-Love.

There is a divine gift within you, and it is the divine right of this world to experience that gift. We can become the miracle worker of our own lives, and dissolve all of the blocks to our light. It’s time to illuminate your divine brilliance! Once we’ve revealed your brilliance, together we’ll co-create your action plan so that you are doing whatever it is that you’re meant to do, grounded in Love and guided by Spirit.

I will guide you through the dark areas of your life using Yoga and Spirit-ful philosophies to help you navigate any situation and emerge from any experience with a better understanding of who you are. Together we will practice whatever mind, body or Spirit modalities you require at any given time in order for you to move forward and be who you are meant to be.

So yes, embrace the self-care that you hear so much about in the media and wellness industry, but do it with purpose and with Love. Do it with the maximal soul growth of yourself and for the affect that it will have on the collective. Through Divine Wellness Coaching, which incorporates Yoga Therapy and Metaphysical Principles, you will access your Divine Intelligence and reveal your brilliance that has always been there.

You will experience miracles.

Grounded in Love
Guided by Spirit


Creating a sense of wellness begins with small changes. Practical and healthful physical practices will create a sense of well-being and will allow you to connect deeply to your body in the present moment. With this connection you will access your inner wisdom, which holds all the answers you seek.


Changing the lens in which we view the world can help change our thoughts and beliefs. Our thoughts and beliefs can be altered through vibrational and frequency changes giving us clarity on our directions and desires for the world.


Connecting with the Divine Intelligence of your understanding will bring a juiciness the heart-centred life. Learning to uncover your brilliance and let your Truth speak will create powerful changes in your life. Your vibrance will radiate and produce the life you were programmed to live.

Read what some people have had to say about working with me:

Working with Paul is a life changer! Just being in his presence made me feel pure joy in a way I had never experienced before. He inspired me to begin a journey that has changed me in the best ways possible! His love based approach to everything he does is more of what this world needs. I am so grateful for his presence in my life!

Kristy B.

I have never met anyone so passionately committed to living his life’s purpose as Paul! His light sparkles and dances in everything that he does with grace, authenticity and a wonderful sense of humour. I feel so blessed for his counsel, his inspiration…and his friendship most of all! I love you, Paul!! xx

Nancy C.

Once you meet Paul – you just get it. Spreading love and good vibes with the most passionate and pure intent, he is infectious and inspiring!

Gloria V.

One of those people you need in your life! Paul has been a tremendous support to me, and I am truly grateful our paths crossed x

Alice J.

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