You can imagine my dismay when I realized everything I worked so hard on in three months all vanished when I listened to that little voice. “It’s just this one time,” it said. “It’s not gonna matter or even mean anything.” One time is all you need …

no-social-mediaThree months ago I embarked on a social media detox and information diet. I made a conscious decision to avoid all personal social media and limit the time I spend sifting through emails, blogs, and news sites. I’m not the most current when it comes to world affairs, heck I’m not even up-to-date on history, but there is the odd story here and there I hear about and wonder “what was going on in that person’s head?” and then hit up Google to see if I can find out.

At the end of my three month cleanse, I went back in to social media without a real integration plan aside from “no social media apps on my phone or tablet, though – just on my laptop.” That didn’t stop the little voice from telling me “just a peak through your chrome app” and it also didn’t stop me from listening. And then it started again. The little peak while waiting in line, a quick little peruse before I jump in the shower, or a for-good-measure check in on my email before my next client … all came back faster than I had to wait to load the page, and just like that my three months of hard work was gone. The clarity, the inspiration, the determination … all tainted just as quickly as a drop of food colouring in fresh water.

169283580_32e6293b4fWhat was it about this whole thing that made me give up? What is it about social media and that form of so-called connection that would have me throw it all away for a glimpse at illusion. According to A Course In Miracles, only love is real and all else is an illusion. You see the shadow cast by the covering of the light is not real because it is not of the light. The light, think of it as creation, will only ever do what it needs to do to simply be. A poppy seed knows to grow into a poppy flower, an acorn knows to be an oak tree, and even if something is built around it to block out the sun, it is still a poppy or an oak tree. Although it probably won’t be the best version of itself because of the lack of sun, it still is. Nothing can ever change or stop creation … it always will be.

When we focus on those things that shade the light source that gives us life, unlike the rose and acorn who know exactly who they are, we stunt our own growth and in turn keep that from the world. Why? Why would we listen to that voice or buy into the illusion we already know is an illusion? How is it that we fall back asleep, and more importantly, how do we stay awake?

The good news is, we can easily dissolve any illusion simply by focusing on what is real. We can “turn our golden faces to the sun*” and accept the light whole heartedly. We just have to ask ourselves how willing are we to keep gazing that way and move in that direction? And what are we going to do to stay there?

*Forever Young by Alphaville