Recently a Facebook connection posted “Recommendations for dealing with self-loathing, criticism, harsh judgement etc? (For yogis and non-yogis alike).” Of course I answered from a metaphysical perspective … have a look:

My response:

From a metaphysical perspective, when these things occur it’s because we’ve taken a detour away from Love and into fear. The voice of self-loathing, criticism, and harsh judgments is that of the ego mind, the separate self, and the only solution is to remember our Oneness. We do this by connecting to our Higher Self.

Try this: place your hand on your heart and connect to it on all levels: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Then acknowledge how you’re feeling – “I’m sad because dot dot dot.” “I’m angry because yada yada yada.” Don’t try to be yogic or spiritual here – call it like it is … really look at the darkness you’re experiencing and bring it right up so you can see it.

From here, be willing to let it go. Be willing to remember your Truth and reclaim your power. When you do this, you may feel a wave of emotion – let that flow however it needs to (cry, punch, sing, scream, workout, etc). As that’s happening, surrender all that energy to the Divine Intelligence of your understanding, and then feel Divine Intelligence flood you with the highest vibration of Love. You might even see yourself with white light pouring into and through you, dissolving all the darkness.

This is a great way to connect with your Internal Teacher, your Highest Self who knows when you’ve gone off path and will tell us exactly how to get back on it.

Then, and this is the most important step, go out and help someone … do something for another person to lift them up. Giving Love is the only thing that, when given freely, doesn’t actually leave the heart (or mind) of the giver. In fact, it fills the giver’s heart as it flows to the receiver’s and lifts them both up.

Repeat this daily and eventually the voice of the ego gets softer (and more easy to identify) and the voice of your True Self will be much stronger. These are the attitudinal muscles we strengthen when we meditate.

If you need someone to guide you through this, call me. I’m always here for you 💜