I’m so happy you’re here!
It is time for you to rise up and live your most joyful life.

Have you ever thought to yourself:


  • I’ve struggled enough! I’m ready to bring more joy into my life!
  • I wish the thoughts in my head would stop so I can finally have some peace!
  • Why can’t I get past the stupid mistakes I’ve made and move on with my life?
  • There’s got to be more to life than how I’m living now. How do I find it?
  • No one gets me – I wish there was ONE person who understands me and the things I want to do in life.
  • I have a great life, but something is missing … I just don’t know what it is.
  • There’s so much I want to do, but I don’t know where to begin
  • I know exactly where I’m meant to be and how to get there, but I can’t bring myself to do the work
  • I’m tired of other people telling me how to live my life. I’m ready to be my own person and live life the way I want to!
  • I know what brings me joy and I’m ready to actualize it in my life!
  • Things are great, and I’m ready to take my life to the next level!
If you resonate with any of the statements above, then you’ve been guided here for a reason. Everything you long for is within you, and I’m here to help you set it free.

Hi, I’m Paul – an advocate of living spirit-fully!

Living spirit-fully means taking complete responsibility for your life and aligning with your Highest Self. 

For over a decade and a half, I’ve supported people in doing just that. I’ve coached people in getting clear about their purpose and identifying what brings them joy so they can show up in this world as a confident, strong, and loving human being. For many of my clients that looked like getting hired for their dream job, starting a successful business, healing fractured relationships, leaving an unfulfilling job for a more meaningful career, becoming relationship ready and meeting a heart-centered partner, and making major life decisions that had them changing cities, or even countries. The form of their successes all looked different, but the essence is the same. They all tapped into and harnessed the inner power that made it possible for them to transform their lives. They took a simple, formless idea and turned it into something worth celebrating.

I myself have done the same thing in my life, from leaving a cushy (yet soul-crushing) job with the federal government, to travelling the world doing what I love. It’s an honour to help people just like you recognize the greatness within themselves and show up in this world so proudly. It is time for you to rise above all doubt, and live as you’re meant to live.

My coaching practice is only open to a small number of clients at a time, this is so I can focus my energy on helping you shine. My purpose is to help you get clear about your vision, support you while you do the work to actualize it, and celebrate you along the way. Everyone I’ve worked with have made some remarkable shifts that they themselves have called miraculous!

Paul’s natural and genuine ability to get to the heart of any matter makes him a uniquely powerful coach. I’ve seen him inspire hundreds of people by creating a safe space to ask ourselves the questions that support loving ourselves while we grow. Having had the pleasure to spend one on one time with Paul, I always leave feeling filled with confidence and trust in myself for days! His authenticity is incredibly comforting, and his wholistic coaching style allows for impactful moments that can change lives.

Nathalie L.

Working with Paul is a life changer! Just being in his presence made me feel pure joy in a way I had never experienced before. He inspired me to begin a journey that has changed me in the best ways possible! His love-based approach to everything he does is more of what this world needs. I am so grateful for his presence in my life!

Kristy B.

I have never met anyone so passionately committed to living his life’s purpose as Paul! His light sparkles and dances in everything that he does with grace, authenticity and a wonderful sense of humour. I feel so blessed for his counsel and his inspiration! I love you, Paul!!

Nancy C.

Working with Paul has been like being able to take a breath of air after being under water. His lifetime experience, deep-seated compassion and cultivated wisdom informs his coaching as well as his teaching. He carefully listens and intuitively knows what to recommend for each and every client. Paul draws from a multitude of sources and disciplines and makes his content accessible for each and every person; he meets you where you are, infusing sessions with joy, love, empathy and authenticity. This has been one of the most significant professional relationships of my life and I am forever grateful for the gifts and blessings Paul has to share.

Kelly H.

Here’s what to expect when working with me:


I am here for YOU. When I say YOU, I mean the truest, most best version of you. It’s so easy to find someone who will coddle your wounds or marinade in the suffering with you – I’m sure you have enough of that in your life. My commitment is to your greatness and that means I provide you with accountability, trust, and most of all, someone who’s willing to be there with you as you go deep.

Our time together is devoted to getting clear about the life that brings you the most joy. One of the greatest tools I can share with you is a daily spiritual practice – every client has access to my two self-study programs The Art Of Stillness and 40 Days of Stillness, both designed to help you cultivate a deep inner peace. This will allow you to turn to your internal teacher and gain the clarity needed for you to take the action steps that will align your life with your dreams.

We begin by taking inventory of where you are now and identify where you want to go. The first half of our time together will be spent clearing out all the joylessness in your life and building up the attitudinal musculature needed to make joy your baseline. The second half will be spent actively cultivating and sustaining your joy.

A daily spiritual practice will play a major role in our work as this will help create mental clarity to assist you in creating more space in all areas where it’s needed. Then, through reflection, discussion, and action, we will co-create the plan that will take you from where you are now, to a place where your most joyful self is always present.

I hold myself to a code of ethics and everything we discuss is confidential. Our time together is a safe space for you to process and work through whatever it is you need to in order for you to rise.

One of those people you need in your life! Paul has been a tremendous support to me, and I am truly grateful our paths crossed.

Alice J.

Once you meet Paul, you just get it! Spreading love and good vibes with the most passionate & pure intent, he is infectious and inspiring.

Gloria V.

Paul is one of those people who do what they do directly from the heart. His passion, integrity and rawness truly shines through!

Renata R.

Our main focus is to identify where you are right now, begin the process of unlearning the beliefs that have kept you bound in fear and align your thinking and action with your Higher Self. Each session will come with developmental tasks and action items to complete in the areas of your physical world, mental/emotional wellbeing, and spiritual wellness.

You will be given a reflection package to complete before our initial session, and from there we will prepare your foundation for Living Spirit-fully. Each subsequent session will build on the last and will come with more developmental tasks, meditations, reflections, and self-care techniques.

This program is completely online (with Zoom calls that are recorded and sent to you for reference) and comes with:
– Reflection and journal questions to prepare for intake session
– 1 x 60-90 minute intake session
– 45-60 minute follow up calls every 3 weeks
– Clear guidelines for next steps after each meeting, inspired action items, journaling/reflections, meditations, self-care practices, etc

– The Living-Spiritfully Meditation Bundle (includes The Art of Stillness40 Days of Stillness, and other meditation programs I create during our time together)


Here’s what some people have said about working with me:

Paul’s Love-based approach & the harmonious glowing energy he brings to everything that he does is contagious in only the best way possible. Thankful for all he has to offer and always looking forward to his next initiative.

Andrea F.

Paul teaches with a open heart and soul that allows one to be truly comfortable and motivated. Paul has taught me how to be more grounded, calmer and more spiritually aware. I feel very blessed to have been able to learn from Paul.

Terry A.

Paul is and will always be an inspiring teacher and leader. Paul is filled with much light and love, it just envelopes and fills me. I am so grateful to have Paul in my life and to call him a friend. Love you Paul!

Julie S.

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Take the time to answer the questions below thoughtfully. I’m excited to connect and discuss your journey! 

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