People of this world, open your hearts and let Love pour out of it! What we need more of at this time is Love. Put aside your disbelief for a moment and call in more high frequencies of Love – your fear will only feed the fear. Starve it by staying in a state of Love and hope. Love will always win, no matter what.

Let this be a reminder that no matter what happens, this is a call for more Love. Every race, gender identification, sexual orientation, and belief system needs more Love right now. And even if it ends up being what we hoped it wouldn’t be, it simply means we’ll have to take the power back into our hands and make Love our focus at the micro level in order to affect the macro level. Every drop of Love we put out there will cancel out AND dissolve fear.

You guys, we can’t separate ourselves because of this. We need to come together, regardless of where you live and who you’d vote for. Love is all there is.

Begin now by seeing your neighbour as yourself. Consider every human on this planet as your brother or sister and see yourself in them. Know what you do to them you do to yourself.

I was told once “when you don’t know what to do, just Love” and that’s all we can do right now.