Breath of Joy is probably one of my most favourite things to do first thing in the morning, or when I’m dancing around my bedroom in my underwear. It has an uplifting and energizing effect that will help you release any heaviness and bring in vibrant, new energy. It truly gets the joy pumping through your body!

To perform this technique:


Clasp hands together, reach arms forward and overhead as you inhale.


On the exhale, release the clasp, bend knees and swing arms down to your side.


Inhale to swing arms up once again with hands clasped.



Exhale, bend knees and swing arms between legs.

Begin with slow movements and gradually move faster, letting out a big sigh with each exhale. You may find yourself smiling, laughing, or overcome with a sense of joy! Let it be free! This is a great way to begin class or practice after warm-up.

See this movement in action in my latest YouTube video: