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These monthly angel forecasts are created with the intention of sharing the divine messages from the angels with you for the purposes of your soul’s evolution.
May these messages support you on your journey and enlighten your heart and mind. 


April 2015: Nurturing Growth

The theme this month is nurturing growth. As we grow and evolve on our spiritual path, the angels always remind us to take it slow and to care for ourselves – divine timing is at work here, and everything will happen in the right time and space. Here’s your forecast for April:

IMG_0166Jumping card (this month’s overview)
Queen of Water
Tenderhearted, Empathetic, Patient, Loving

The angels remind us to put our trust in their hands that they are working with you in accordance to the greatest good of all. Each time we trust others, we tell the universe we are trusting of it’s plan. This is also a month to really focus on self care – change of seasons always bring on changes in our body, and it’s periods of rest that allow us to deal with them in a healthy way. Remember, even if things don’t make sense, maintain a sense of peace and calm within you. Ask for guidance from your angels, and allow them to download the wisdom into your consciousness. This is an important month for creating structure in your life.

IMG_0167April 6-12, 2015
The Emperor – 4 – Archangel Michael

Our theme for this week is organization and logic. Just after an period of intense energies, this week’s focus is on creating a firm and solid foundation and structure to actualize your goals. We’ve been clearing much old, stagnant energies out of our lives and as we’ve created more space, now we lay down the framework for our future success. This is the time to create a clear vision and action plan for our evolution.

Things to consider:
– what is your intention? What do you want your life to look and feel like? Make a list of all the things you want in your life, focus more on how you’d like to feel in your life, rather than material things.
– carve out time in your day/week/month to do things specifically with the intention of getting closer to your intention. Even if it’s one minute a day to just stop and take a deep breath, it will bring you so far on your journey.
– create a mantra/affirmation to keep you focused on your intention. Make it positive, affirmative, and in the present tense – this will be important in the coming weeks!


April 13-19, 2015
Eight of Air

As you continue to evolve in this new space, you may be feeling confused or perhaps overwhelmed. It may feel as though there’s a struggle between your past and present self. This is just an illusion and needs to be released. Keep your thoughts positive (remember your affirmation) and focus on your self-care parts of your day. Perhaps consider going to bed 15 minutes earlier each night to ensure you get adequate rest and in a constant state of well-being.

Ask yourself:
– What is the struggle I’m facing?
– Why am I allowing this to hold me back?
– What’s the worst thing that could happen, and what if it does?

Talk to your angles and offer all struggle to them.

IMG_0169April 20-26, 2015
Ten of Fire

Working too much? Slow down! The confusion of last week might have been physically demanding. The angels urge you to slow it down, keep calm, and ask for assistance. Do you really have to do it all? Is there something you could pass on to someone else? If no, how are you so sure? Have you asked them? This week, strive to bring more balance in to your life – you don’t have to actualize everything in an instant. Divine timing has its own clock. Remember, we need to enjoy periods of rest in order to enjoy periods of activity.

April 27-May 3, 2015IMG_0170
Four of Earth

The theme of change continues, we must be open to change in order to evolve painlessly. This card itself talks about money, but represents anything in the material world. Are you too frivolous or rigid with money? Do you keep everything or throw everything away? Do you give away all your time and energy, or are you too afraid to share yourself with others? Examine why you’re doing what you’re doing and then be open to change. Destroy all limiting, fear based thoughts and open up to the endless possibilities the universe has to offer. The angels will take away the burden if you ask.


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