Grace.jpgHappy first full week of May! Our theme for the month is Grace – how are you holding your standard of grace? The angels are so proud of all your hard work and recognize the transition you’re in right now. Stay strong – they’re saying “the best is yet to come!”

A wonderful week awaits with some big changes coming. The angels are cheering for the success of everyone everywhere! Tap into the greatness of the universe with the help of the angels and see where all of this takes you!

Angel Cards May 5.jpg

Monday/Tuesday – Knight Of Gabriel
We’ve seen Gabriel show up in our forecasts quite a bit over the last few weeks. Gabriel represents action and also reflects our artistic ability, career, and our longing for growth and development. We’re in the action stage or our growth right now. The angels are saying that our passion will continue to fuel our actions, so keep them fired up. We know exactly what to do and now’s the time to do it.

Wednesday/Thursday – 4 – The Emperor, Archangel Uriel
A major arcana card, the deck in tarot that represents turning points or major events. The Emperor represents leadership – during this time of action, we need to ensure that we’re in control, or see the help of someone who can lead us on our path. Talk to Archangel Uriel for ideas on how to be successful in this area. It’s fantastic to be creative and “outside the box,” however, organization is a must, especially for those who easily get swept off their feet.

Friday to Sunday – 6 – The Lovers, Archangel Raphael
Love is a strong and powerful force, and only those decisions made from the heart will find true success and prosperity. Be sure to follow your heart during this time – The Lovers don’t always represent romantic relations, and I’m picking up this is not what the focus is for this week. There’s an extreme importance in the decisions that need to be made during this time, so stay grounded and in your heart space while moving forward. Archangel Raphael can help you through any relationships that are affected with the changes – ask him to help with this connection in whatever way you feel it needs assistance.

Trust your heart and trust yourself. The angels are here to guide and assist you during this time, but only you can put one foot in front of the other and make sh!t happen! Trust the process and believe the universe is on your side … there’s an abundance of greatness out there for you.

You are loved on so many levels,
Paul x

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