Hello sweeties! What a glorious few days we’ve been having, yes? If you live in near Toronto in Canada, we’ve been having such great weather these last few days – I’m loving it! I hope your life is full of sunshine, in every sense of the word.

The angels were telling us a lot about moving forward and following our passions the last few weeks, and this week we’ve received an extension of this message. Let’s see what’s in store this week …


Monday/Tuesday – 8 – Justice, Archangel Raguel
What a sign – this card tells us that all the decisions we’ve made the last few weeks are setting us on the right path! We’ve been talking about reviewing contracts carefully and we’re finally seeing balance and harmony for all parties involved. This card also comes with the reminder “don’t give up!” The big stuff might be done, but there’s still more work we have to put in to make our dreams a reality.

Wednesday/Thursday – Ten of Ariel
Gratitude is the message here! There’s so much to appreciate in your life (especially with the recent changes in your favour). These next few days will be very rewarding, so allow yourself the time and space to enjoy your hard work and just sit back and enjoy some stillness – spa day, perhaps? If possible, stay close to home and enjoy the company of your family and loved ones.

Friday-Sunday – 2 – The High Priestess, Archangel Haniel
The full moon falls around May 14th this month, and Archangel Haniel has a moon energy associated with her (intuitive, graceful, quiet, patient, etc). We’re all intuitive and have the answers within us, we just need to slow down and connect to this part of us. This card tells us to take some time this weekend to reflect and meditate on areas we’re seeking answers for. If anything, we need to at least “be at peace” this weekend, so spend some time relaxing and being outside.

The full moon on Wednesday, May 14th will shed some light on any areas of your light that you may have felt “in the dark” about, so taking time to rest and reflect is important. We’ll feel this full moon energy for a few days after the full moon, leading us into the weekend. The angels keep stressing we need to take that quiet time to really make the most out of this moon.

Until next week, stay grounded and spread the love.

Paul xx

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