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I believe in miracles!

A miracle is defined as “an extraordinary and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore attributed to a divine agency.” I know we are that ‘divine agency’ and we can become the miracle worker of our own lives.

Every waking moment we’re consciously or unconsciously making a choice – to plug into Love or to plug into fear. Our choice will define our experience, and ultimately the trajectory of our lives. How do we become a miracle worker? It’s when we shift our perception from fear to Love, making It our guiding force.

Grounded in Love
Guided by Spirit

Love is the life affirming power of the Universe and it has the power to heal everything. I know this from experience because It is what healed my life. Many shifts had to happen in order for me to be the man many call “a hug in human form.”

Love comes in many different forms, many different expressions, and it does not look like any one particular thing. Love simply “is”. And anything I can do to guide others to align with and connect to Love is why I am here today.

Before my healing began, I led a lifestyle that left me stressed on all levels. There was something within me that didn’t quite feel right and I wasn’t able to pinpoint exactly what it was until I allowed myself to #stop, #sit, and #breathe … that’s when the first miracle occurred.

I shed layers of illusion that were blocking me from being my True Self. In 2005 I became a healthy non-smoker after nearly a decade of being slave to the damaging habit. 2008 was the year I experienced a debilitating flare up of ulcerative colitis. I worked tirelessly with a team of medical, holistic, and spiritual professionals to heal myself from the dis-ease, and in 2010 I was able to come off all medication and have been living symptom free ever since. This also led me to lovingly release relationships, life choices, and fear-based beliefs that no longer advocated for Love and peace within my life.

As I stepped into my greatness, a new career path developed as well. From disgruntled government employee I entered the world of health and wellness and finally found myself at home as a Yoga Teacher. This lead me to become a Master Trainer for YogaFit Canada where I travelled the world teaching other Yoga Teachers how to share the gifts of this ancient practice with their students. In 2017 I received the designation C-IAYT by the International Association of Yoga Therapists, and through Divine Guidance found my way to truly living a Spirit-ful life and became ordained as a Metaphysical Minister. Because learning is a lifelong activity for me, I’m currently working on my Bachelors in Metaphysical Science, in the direction of a Ph.D. in Spirituality.

My love for helping people realize their authentic Self produced many accomplishments, including being the recipient of the Specialty Presenter of the Year award at canfitpro’s World Fitness Expo in 2015 – this blessing is equal to the gratitude I feel every day working with wonderful people through Divine Wellness and Spiritual Coaching, yoga education, and officiating marriages.

My real training came from life experience; it made me realize that we need to come into stillness daily and listen to that peaceful, unchanging voice of Love within and follow Its guidance to growth.

I am committed to Love through a triad of origins; Breathe, Sparkle and Love.

Breathe is the embodiment of The Art Of Stillness :: A Course In Meditation, a program I created out of the need I saw in my clients who were looking to create some space in their busy lives for a daily meditation practice.

Sparkle represents my Divine Wellness and Spiritual Coaching practice; it allows me to guide people through the dark areas of their life, and navigate situations in ways that enable them to emerge from any experience with a better understanding of who they are. I believe we are all mirrors on the same disco ball, glimmering the Love that is abundantly present within our lives and ourselves.

Love is the essence of all I do, and especially as a Wedding Officiant, I work with couples to discover the true meaning of their relationship, and what that means for them as individuals, a couple, and how their union will contribute to the world.

If I had to summarize why I’m here, I’d say it’s simply to remind you to Breathe, Sparkle, Love.

As always, the Love within me honours the Love within you!


Certifications and qualifications:

Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry

Completion of Metaphysical Minister course through The Rising Sun Sanctuary, Richmond Hill, ON

YogaFit® Training Systems Worldwide
  • Completion of 200 and 500 RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) Requirements
  • Completion of 100hr YogaFit For Warriors Program (Trauma Sensitive Yoga)
Navina Thai Yoga Therapy
  • Principle Certification In Thai Yoga Massage
Usui Shiki Ryoko - First Degree Reiki

Completion of First Degree Reiki Course Level 1 and 2 at Welcome Angels Wellness Centre, presented by Lucy Basso. Mississauga, ON

Canadian Fitness Professionals (canfitpro)
  • Mind Body Fitness Specialist
  • Fitness Instructor Specialist
  • Personal Trainer Specialist
  • Nutrition and Wellness Specialist
  • CPR
Les Mills International
  • Advanced Instructor Module
  • BODYFLOW™ Advanced Instructor Module
Body Harmonics Pilates
  • Mat Work: Foundations and Classics and Innovations
East to West Yoga and Pilates
  • Yoga Exercise Specialist (East to West Yoga and Pilates)
Doreen Virtue and Hay House Radio
  • Certified Angel Card Reader™
Memberships and registries:
  • Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry member
  • Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT) with International Association of Yoga Therapists (Membership Number: 47006007)
  • Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 500), Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP) with Yoga Alliance (Registry ID: 87641)
  • Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT 500) with Yoga Alliance Australia
  • Registry Of Exercise Professionals of Canada (repscanada)
  • canfitpro Member