Here’s a bonus day! I thought it would be fun to collect all the things I’ve been grateful for over the last 30 days … 3 things a day for 30 days, that’s 90 things to be grateful for! And what’s cool is that as the days went on, I realized there was more than 3 things a day I was thankful for, so really there’s been like 300,000 things I’ve been thankful for in the last 30 days (give or take). Here’s the list:

1. Waking up in Barbados
2. Going for an early morning walk and ocean dip
3. Journaling for 30 minutes … twice!
4. Morning walk on the beach
5. Taking my YogaFit Level 2 trainees to the beach to discuss the Yamas and Niyamas
6. Eating peanut butter from a spoon while sitting on my balcony … watching the beach
7. Seeing the start and end of a rainbow in Barbados
8. Celebrating the completion of the first ever YogaFit Level 2 in Barbados with an amazing group of souls who will forever be in my heart
9. Twist!
10. 3 hour meditative yoga practices
11. Deep conversations by the sea
12. 10pm bedtime!
13. Leading the first ever YogaFit Level 3 in Barbados (and first ever in my life).
14. Being reminded I was Born To Fly
15. A cold Twist on a hot day.
16. Jumping into the ocean of abundance (off a dock in Barbados) (see video)
17. First ever MAD!COMBAT class with the creator of the program, Kory Walters
18. Moonlight ocean wishes
19. Love in all it’s shapes and sizes
20. How full my entire Barbados experience has left my heart
21. Home sweet home
22. Spending time in my beautiful garden and being WOW’d by all the bounty it has produced in the past week
23. Coming back to Earth in Yin practice
24. Multi-dimensional Andrew Nickerson!
25. Field trips to Loblaws parking lot (see pic)
26. Love sent through email
27. Meep!
28. Winding paths that lead two souls to one another again and again
29. Being a Farmer Father and Kombucha Mama
30. Bike ride around the city and all the fun stops along the way
31. Spending the morning in bed, reading and reading and reading
32. Eating lunch with my family and having them all try my first batch of Kombucha while eating salad from my garden
33. Spending the afternoon picking my first batch of beans and pruning my tomato plants to bring more sunlight to all the tomatoes growing
34. Crossing a bunch of things off my to-do list … and then some!
35. Making new friends while running errands today
36. Welcoming a dear friend back to yoga class after time away … and it feeling as though she never left!
37. Tuesday morning BODYVIVE!
38. New music Tuesdays
39. Being in love with me!
40. Being “the new yoga teacher” again (welcome back to Wednesdays at Northridge)
41. Eating my first Reuben Sandwich on Skila Ramirez Day with my YogaFit family!
42. The super sleuth skills of Jonathan Dolphin (he’ll solve any mystery with a simple #31#)
43. The YogaFit Essence
44. Great stories with Andrew Nickerson
45. Normal bed time
46. Being so comfortable I fell asleep – more than once.
47. Chakra Dance Party en Montreal!
48. An evening of “great stories” with Andrew and Skila!
49. Yoga Chess
50. Chakra bracelets gifts from Sankalpa Wellness
51. Falling Free
52. Completing my 500 RYT requirements!
53. The amazing gift from my friends for completing my 500 RYT (see pic)
54. Recognizing all the love and support I have in my life from so many different sources
55. Home!
56. Morning in the garden pruning tomato plants, picking beans and peas, and catching up with all my plants!
57. Deep conversations while pumping iron with Jonathan Dolphin
58. Hideaway, Always, and No Ordinary Love in YogaFit tonight!
59. Tuesday morning BODYVIVE LOLs!
60. Reconnecting with my angel cards
61. Catchup dinner with my dear friend Nicky
62. Being brave enough to express my wants and needs in the relationship with my new Wednesday morning YogaFit class … and them agreeing to meet them!
63. Art with Curly Ms. A (aka Bucket So Frain)
64. Connecting the dots between art and real life
65. Outdoor Yoga with the children of Petits Chefs Academy in Maple, ON
66. Laughing hysterically in a dream and waking up still laughing so hard
67. Conversations with Wonder Woman
68. Friday morning YogaFit with my lovelies (and the potential of new pants!)
69. TGIF Day Boil with #3humans3dogs
70. Key lime leather daddies with Andrew Nickerson
















77. Connecting with the angels to write this week’s angel forecast
78. Creating space for energy to flow
79. Clearing up misunderstandings with a simple phone call (and love is restored)
80. The return of the push up club! 15 tricep push ups, 45(ish) second plank, 15 push ups – all after BODYVIVE 31, and not one complaint! ;)
81. Healing with my soul sister
82. “Feet on ground, heart in hand, facing forward, be yourself”
83. Booking my second skydiving experience (for next Tuesday!)
84. Picking two cucumbers and eating my first beet from my very own garden
85. Creating space for a friend to sort out what they needed to sort out
86. Receiving TWO out of no where “Thank yous!” just for being a friend (so sweet!)
87. Playing Yoga with the culinary geniuses at Petits Chefs Academy
88. New mattress! (Thanks mom!!)
89. Waking up in my new bed, with a new energy buzzing in my bedroom
90. New outfits!
91. One step closer to my monthly newsletter (be the first to sign up!)
92. Terra Nicolle for nominating me – thank you for reminding me the importance of making gratitude a focus each day!

Wow! What an exciting 30 days! Thank you for joining me on this journey – and thank you to the universe, God, my angels, and all the love for this wonderful life!