Heart Circle

This is a pot-luck event at Paul Galloro Wellness bringing together heart-centred individuals to share in a space of love, support, and community. Each gathering will focus on a different topic and is open to everyone.
What is a heart circle?
  • The purpose of a heart circle is to bring heart-centred people together to speak from the heart in a safe, supportive, and loving space. Topics range from discussion of yoga philosophy to sharing successes, challenges, and celebrations. As this is a judgement-free space, Divinities (participants of the Divine Wellness Collective Heart Circle) are encouraged to bare their heart and share what feels comfortable in that space. We will take turns sharing from our hearts around the circle one at a time. There is no obligation to share anything that does not feel comfortable.
What are the topics being discussed?
  • We will be exploring the Yamas and Niyamas, the social and personal ethics that are foundational to all yogic thought. If you’re unfamiliar with The Yamas and Niyamas, we will be following along with the book by Deborah Adele, and discussing our experience with each chapter. The book is available to purchase through Paul Galloro Wellness – to reserve your copy, email me!
Do I need to read the book?
  • Not at all! I’ll be sharing videos of each topic being discussed on my Facebook page if you’re interested in learning more. You do not have to watch these videos. Just come and be in the space and contribute what you’d like.
What if I don’t want to share anything?
  • No worries. You can simply share an affirmation, ask the group to take a deep breath with you, and “pass the conch” (so to speak) to the next person.
It’s a potluck as well?
  • Yes, what’s better than having conversation over delicious food made with love? Once you register here, you will be contacted before the event to plan the menu. You can make something or buy – you choose! If you have any dietary requirements, please Email me!
  • If you’re unable to prepare or buy something for the pot luck, we’ll also be accepting non-perishable donations to the Richmond Hill Food Bank.
I love it! How do I register?
  • Yay! Register at the bottom of this page or click here and fill out the info. Please include a current email address so you can be contacted about the menu and sent directions, etc. RSVP is strongly encouraged.
When is this all going down?

Dates are posted at the bottom of this page in the scheduling area.


Where’s this all going down?


Register here by clicking the date below: