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Program Descriptions

benessere, the Italian word for well-being, is an all encompassing mindfulness and movement program designed to bring the three components of wellness together: a healthy body, a focused mind, and a deep connection to spirit.

There are three phases to every benessere experience; POWER, SURRENDER, and ESSENCE.

We begin with the POWER phase, where we challenge our physical body through strength based movement. Using our breath and our own body weight, we’ll test to build a strong body, both mentally and physically. Intention is the fuel for this phase, and it’s always loaded with variations to meet your body where it is that day.

Next, we move into the SURRENDER phase, where we relinquish all effort to the support of the ground and our props. Still working with our breath, we come into stillness through restorative postures to focus on the inner workings of our mind. As we soften the tension from our body, we sink deeper into the present moment. This is where we experience a decrease in stress and an increase in mental clarity.

Finally, the ESSENCE phase. Using deep breath and contemplation, we connect to our Truth and experience Bliss. This phase is usually considered the most challenging, but is the most rewarding. Here we allow creation to flow and we align ourselves with the very source of what we are … Love.

benessere is mindful movement for divine well-being. This practice is suitable for all levels of experience. Pre-registration is strongly encouraged. $15 per session.

The way you start your day can determine its outcome. Rise and shine with this free flow practice devoted to exploration of movement and breath to ensure your day begins fresh and without the influence of yesterday.

With minimal instruction, sensation is your guide as you gently wake up your body with a fluid sequence of postures and mindful breathing practices, all determined by you. Every practice is different, but each one will be exactly what your body needs that day. Dedicate just one hour to honouring you and enjoy your day in a state of peace and calm, no matter what comes up.

This class is by donation (suggested $10) with proceeds going to the Richmond Hill Food Bank. Cash Only. Pre-registration is required.

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