We don’t have to be monks in the Himalayas in order to meditate, so who says chakra-balancing has to be somber?

If you’re feeling stuck and are looking to bring balance back into your life take some time to create a sense of equilibrium between your body, mind and spirit, all while having fun!

In this Chakra Dance Party experience, we will explore the deep relationship between movement and the chakras. When dance* is combined with asana, breath, visualization and meditation; they can have a direct effect on the energy flow within the chakras.

Designed to release, cleanse, and balance the energy of your chakra system, the dance will transform into yoga postures and will conclude with a chakra meditation. When your chakras are returned to their natural frequencies, inner peace, wellbeing and joy will follow.

*dance is defined by any way your body feels like moving to the music. To me, all movement is dance!

Catch a glimpse of the party …  

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