It’s hard for me to crystalize into words the essence of Paul and Rami, who I had the pleasure of officiating their marriage on August 11, 2018. There was a palpable force present that day: the Love these two men have for one another, and what they bring to this world.

Around this time last year I received an email from Paul asking about my services as a Wedding Officiant. He and Rami were planning their wedding for the following year and were looking for someone to officiate the ceremony. We spoke on the phone to discuss if we’d be a good fit for one another, and the second I heard their voices I just knew I wanted to help them declare to the world their Love and commitment to each other.

We had two meetings prior to their wedding – the first one to create the script for their ceremony, and the second as a mini-rehearsal. Before I meet all my couples, I send them some questions to reflect on, that we then discuss when we get together. At our first meeting I learned about how they met, their courtship, what lead to the decision of marriage, and the core values of their relationship. Sitting with my couples and learning about them is a great highlight for me when I do this work – it’s a privilege to get an inside look at their relationship, and it helps me understand them better so we can create a ceremony that reflects perfectly their relationship and how they want to present it to the world.

Everyone was glowing the day of the wedding – and I’m not just talking about the couple, even the guests! Of course Rami looked GORGE and Paul was beaming with joy, but there was something more to it. It was as if the Love Paul and Rami shared was extending beyond them and into everyone present. Even the space between everyone was filled with that Love, and although many people met for the first time that night, it was as though we’ve all been lifelong friends, which once again is a reflection of Paul and Rami as individuals and a couple. People came from all over the world to celebrate these two men that day, and as I said at the ceremony, Love rejoices in the joining of these individuals. After going on this journey with Paul and Rami, I am certain they are angels living among us.

The highlight for me, and I’m sure everyone present would agree, is when they exchanged their vows. The emotion of this exchange was tangible, and I can still feel it when I look at the photographs. Paul and Rami’s words, their energy, their hearts, all filled with trust, respect, and admiration. I’ve seen them hold each other’s hearts in their hands with the utmost care, and this truly is a blessing.

On this day, the 2 month anniversary of the marriage of Paul and Rami, I reflect with such joy on the delight it was to officiate, witness, and celebrate their marriage. I’ve learned so much about Love, about relationships, and about myself and I’m forever grateful for this experience. Paul and Rami, may the joy of your wedding day be with you always, and may the Love that brought you together continue to grow and enrich your lives. I love you both!

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