Can’t Be Healed Until You Face The Fear

I haven’t always been a happy guy with a sunny disposition. It may be hard to believe but at one point, I was miserable. Because of my sunny disposition and joyful out look on life, I’ve been accused of spiritual bypass – I describe this as splashing pink paint... read more

Love Is The Only Motivation

While doing my morning scroll through Instagram, I came across this image with the caption #mondaymotivation … I scratched my head and immediately googled the definition of motivation. Motivation: |ˌmōdəˈvāSH(ə)n| the general desire or willingness of someone to do... read more

Think less, feel more!

I know she said something important, but it didn’t fully register into my brain. With my face squashed into the headrest of the massage table I’m sure I sounded drunk when I said “wut’d ‘ou seh?” “Think less, feel more,” she replied. I lifted my head and turned to... read more

We’re All Celebrating The Same Thing

Happy celebration of Light to you, my love! I’m sitting at home listening to the all Christmas music radio station while munching on Christmas chocolate and scratching the last of my lottery tickets. And while all this is happening, I’m thinking of YOU.... read more

Does It Even Mean Anything?

If I make a donation to Standing Rock and I don’t share it on Facebook, does it still count? If I try to eat a more plant based diet in efforts to not contribute to the cruelty of animals without throwing it in other people’s face, does it mean anything?... read more