I haven’t always been a happy guy with a sunny disposition. It may be hard to believe but at one point, I was miserable.

Because of my sunny disposition and joyful out look on life, I’ve been accused of spiritual bypass – I describe this as splashing pink paint on everything “terrible” that happens in life and pretending it’s ok. That’s actually the furthest thing from what I believe or practice, and it’s definitely not how I function with my clients.

Facing our fears, or acknowledging the seemingly terrible things that happen in our lives, is essential to our soul’s evolution. You can only get rid of the darkness by turning on the light, not closing your eyes and turning around … you’ll just end up in even more darkness. I know this to be true because a) I’ve experienced it, and b) I believe the following:

  • the universe is self-organizing and self-corrective
  • every action has an equal and opposite reaction

What does this mean? For starters, everything was created perfect and exactly how the universe intended it to be. The second something deviates from this plan, something is created to bring it back into Divine order. When we apply these ideas to thought, every thought has an equally powerful and opposite thought that will bring us back into Divine order. When we notice our thinking is not-beneficial (perhaps something like “I can’t do <such and such>” there’s an opposite thought that, if we open ourself up to it, says “I can do <such and such>.” This applies to everything. When we find ourselves in the tangled web of fear-based thinking, we need not do anything but say to the universe “I am willing to see this differently.” We don’t need to know or figure out the correction on our own, but simply be open to the idea that there is a correction that will adjust our eyes to be able to see it when it presents itself.

Now, what does this have to do with facing our fears? Well if we don’t look at and acknowledge something is amiss, we won’t be able to open ourselves up to receive the correction needed to put us back on our path. It’s simple, but it’s not easy. Sometimes it’s painful, sometimes looking at our fear is even more painful than the fear itself. But just as once our eyes adjust to the dark and we can see there’s actually enough light in there for us to figure out where the light switch is to turn it on, once we adjust our perception of the fear, it’s easy for us to call in more light, and therefore call in more Love.

Be blessed xo